Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To-do Tuesday

Things are getting done, slowly but surely. I am not so great at checking things off my list BUT I still frequently write a paper list and cross things off!!!

Just yesterday we had a couple accomplishments ... headline news!!!

Rick peed on the potty all day!!!!
Jacob's baseball team had their first game and WON!!!!

Okay here I go with my list, I am using the same one again and adding a little!!!

My To Do List:

Organize Boy Clothes - YEAH! I did this and have four boxes to give away!
Clean Out The File Cabinet
Write 3rd Blog Post for: Beautiful Like Me
2nd attempt at making yogurt - WOOHOO, it came out great!!!
Work on Garden Plan: what are we panting and where, etc...
Have dinner ready on time, almost every day!
Finish some blog posts that I have started!
Take kids to the zoo - we are headed there today!
Clean off porch

Big Project
Learn Wordpress - oh my! oh my! oh my!
Redesign my Blog
Kick-off my very first Give-a-way!!!

Want to start your own To-Do List, stop over and visit Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting with her To-do Tuesday!

Also check out The Owl's Nest: From To-Do to Ta-Da!

Have a wonderful day! Happy list making!


Rob said...

WOW, that is some To Do List. Mine usually have 2-3 things and I can never seem to get those done. Good luck on your list.

Check out my blog at http://www.pbandsmellysdad.com/

L2L said...

hope to see some pics of the zoo. I did the clothes thing about weeks ago and still have to donate the extra clothes, guess that should go on the list next week, lol

Lisa said...

Congratulations to Rick and Jacob and to their mommy for getting so much done so early in the week!

Wicked Step Mom said...

Yay for Rick and Jacob!

Good luck with your big project!!

shopannies said...

looks like you have been busy. Great for creating the yogurt recipe and not giving up after first attempt

HeatherPride said...

Yay for peeing on the potty!!!! That is one of the best days of parenting! Woo hoo!

Mon said...

Yay for all day potty!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

look at you go with these lists!!

Momma Miller said...

I love making lists. Sometimes I even go and add items of things I already finished just so I can cross it out. LOL Also, your notation to put away anything that's dry...that stays on my list pretty much all week. WHY is it so easy to wash and dry but SO hard to put it all way. OY!

~Shaye (Momma Miller)

Cascia said...

Congratulations to both of your boys! Sounds like you are keeping busy.

Tricia said...

Congratulations to Rick, Jacob and to you.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Learn Wordpress!? Are you leaving blogger? I'm too afraid lol

Yay for pee on the potty, and yay for the baseball win :) How'd your weekend go? I'm so behind and trying not to suck lol