Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday & Thursday Thirteen

Happy Thursday to you all! I hope that you are having a wonderful week. I am BUT I seem to be lacking in time (do you have some to spare?) We have had a busy and fun week filled with the zoo and playing games and spring cleaning. I also am working on a couple of big projects for my blog -- YEAH!

So today I would like to say that I am thankful for all of my readers understanding ... I am busy today and just have not had time to think So today I will be thinking of all of you! And will be around soon to read your blogs, I usually read everything but my commenting has been sparse so please hang in there with me, I have comments and love your blogs, I just have had very little sit down time to type!!!

And if you are looking for some great reading ... check out my Blog List, there are some great reads!!

Now for my Thursday Thirteen, here are thirteen posts/topics that I have started writing (some only in my head):

1. My first Give-A-Way, coming in May for Mother's Day!
2. An extreme makeover of my blog ... hopefully coming really soon!
3. Vaccines - I am reasearching some on this!
4. Breastfeeding - some tips, ideas, and thoughts.
5. Co-Sleeping - personal choices.
6. Making goats milk yogurt.
7. Beautiful Like Me Project.
8. A kitten story.
9. Our Egg Hatching Project
10. Caitlyn's Corner - green tips from the teen!
11. Alternative Medicine - what works for us.
12. Babywearing - making it work for us.
13. A review New Native Baby Carrier

So that is what I am working on. Oh yeah and the usual stuff, with family updates and pictures off my precious children! Have a great day!

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Tricia said...

Sounds like lots of good kinds of busy, and I look forward to reading all the new posts your working on.

Lisa P said...

Ooooh, can't wait to learn more about your blog projects. Sounds like you have a lot in the works.

Wicked Step Mom said...

Wow.. you are one busy lady! I can't wait to read the new posts.