Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday Thirteen- Caitlyn

Caitlyn has many, many 'things' that make me thankful ... she is an amazing girl who has taught me so much. One quality that she has that I admire greatly is her love of books ... she has been known to devour a large novel in one day! So here is my thankful thirteen for this week:

Thirteen things I never thought I would say to my fourteen year old daughter!

1. "Did you already finish that book"
2. "Please put the book down"
3. "Do not pick up that book"
4. "Do not start a new book right now"
5. "You have to stop reading long enough to ..."
6. "I will only buy you another book if ..."
7. "You really have read all those books already"
8. "How many books have you read this week"
9. "I can not afford to keep you in books"
10. "No we are not going to McKay's (the used bookstore), we were there yesterday"
11. "She is not listening, she is reading"
12. "You will need to get a job to pay for all your books"
13. "STOP reading and pay attention"

Now, I hope that you all know that I am not some mean mommy that is denying my child books. She reads all the time. I love this and should not complain about it BUT I will say that when she is in a book, she does nothing else. You can not talk to her, she does not stop, she just reads, as wonderful as this is, there are other things in life that need to happen ... showers, eating, etc...

I will say I have used this to my advantage ... when there is a particular book that I want her to read, I bribe her:

Caitlyn: "I need a book."
Me: "How about The Red Badge of Courage?'
Caitlyn, in that teenager tone: "mom"
Me: "If you read The Red Badge of Courage, I will take you to McKays."
Caitlyn, again in that teenager tone: "FINE!"

And she read it, in one afternoon (she said it was not the best) and we were off to McKays in the mornng! So if any of you have book ideas that she should read, send them along and if you have books themselves ... send them too!

So yes indeed I am thankful (and a little envious) for Caitlyn's love of books!!!

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Mon said...

I will appreciate my girl whatever she's interested in, but I really, really hope to have THIS 'problem'. LOL

Wicked Step Mom said...

Our oldest is like that too. Our middle girl only reads the Twilight books. Our youngest is kind of still discovering if she loves reading. I hope that she picks it up too. I always carry a book with me. And it is rare to see me without a book in my hand when I am bumming around the house. Now that the oldest is getting old enough, Bear, her and I trade. So, that helps defray the cost.

ThisGrandma said...

AAhhh HA!! I think I remember most of those things being said to me ! Caitlyn, You go girl !! Why not try more of your own writing too ?? You can do it !! Good authors start out as voracious readers - ADVICE: branch out in genre, discover new themes, keep going - BUT you are a very very important part of your family so don't forget to 'be present' for them - they LOVE you so much.