Sunday, April 26, 2009

Morning Prelude in Green Valley

My dear mother-in-law sent me this beautiful email the other morning.

Soft morning breeze and sunrise in a clear sky - Looking across the flat green valley toward the hard crusty mountains, what stands up are stately palms with their feathery tops waving, and taller dark spikes of cedar or cypress trees (??) This palm gently shakes her branches like a rustling taffeta skirt.

The neighborhood is awakening with its daily chattering alarms. Sparrows fluttering about feeding babies in the tile roof openings, mourning doves cooing from various perches. Two sit quietly on the wall.

Mr. Gambrel Quail jogs in quick spurts along the garden wall, watching carefully for - anything - peering past his black plume, he spots the two doves and hones in. As he gets closer, he lowers his head and the doves depart. Satisfied, Mr Quail also departs.

Flicker goes about his appointed rounds at chimney covers, tapping out the wake up call, moving from house to house.

Cactus wren jabber, jabber, jabber now and then. Bright yellow Goldfinches check out the red ocotillo blooms for insects.

ALARM, ALARM !! On a large bush, a flock of sparrows are silhouetted - one atop each small twig - all chattering and facing......A HA !! here comes RoadRunner on his jaunty morning constitutional. So innocent ! Sparrows keep him in sight and cry continuously - facing him with every diversion he tries. Get Gone, Mr Roadrunner !!

Woodpeckers look in cactus holes, and announce their bouncing flight to the next saguaro. Cardinal flashes by to sit in a tree top searching for 'Wicker Wicker Wicker !!"

Zzzzzzzzoooooooooom Ms. Hummer says, bunny rabbit moves in under a bush. Mr Lizard scampers over the rocks, watching out for RoadRunner.

MockingBird sums them all up for a long morning prelude, backed up by the steading questioning rhythm of all the lost quail: "Where??, where??, where??."

Not all who wander are lost.
I just thought this was so nice. I absolutely love the early morning, as the sun rises. All is still and then the music of birds and life starting to awake. Then the treasures you see as the light opens the door to a busy world!

A very happy day to you!


Tricia said...

This is nice. I also love the early morning.

Momma Miller said...

Absolutely beautiful. Though I have a difficult time waking after long nights of sleepless kiddos, I still love morning when I have the time to enjoy it. :) Also, I've always loved Tolkien's quote at the end. I have an entire drafted post on it that I add to when I have time. It's so, so, so true that wandering is not a sign of being lost. But if we HAVEN'T wandered, we just might be completely lost. :)