Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cyrus!

A year ago today my little sister became a mom! She brought Cyrus Howard into this world. Although this was not in her game plan she has become a perfect mom (hey, dad you are great too) and Cyrus is a breathe of fresh air! See that smile, it can melt your heart.

Today we are sending him this birthday wish -- as we can not be in Vermont to celebrate with them, we are celebrating here for him. We miss you guys so much and hope that you have a most wonderful day. I expect lots of pictures!

Happy Birthday, Cyrus!

Much love to you and to your mom & dad for making you so wonderful!


ThisGrandma said...

Lucky Cyrus !! Happy birthday - good job, Lisa ! (Rick does great background part....)

Wicked Step Mom said...

Happy Birthday, little guy!