Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Plant Your Feet Firmly On The Ground"

So for a couple of days I have been planning a post in my head, seeking help and advice on how to keep my lovely one year old's feet planted firmly on the ground. He seems to have taken to climbing ... I have 'baby proofed' everything possible and still he climbs. We keep all the chairs ON the table or in the other room with the door closed (not convenient by any means). We have gates and barricades everywhere BUT still he climbs ... onto the table, onto the back of the couch, onto the beds, up on his toys, etc... it is not that I mind that he is up there but then he attempts to jump and flop around and I know that we are going to end up at the hospital!!! And saving my sanity ... because not only does he climb up on everything, all the time but when I speak to him he plops himself down, with a very naughty grin and says "sit"!

So, in my head I have been planning out this post, a plea for help, how do I provide Sam's apparent need to scale high mountains within a safe environment without installing a rock climbing wall including harnesses and spotters!?!?!?

BUT then I was looking for a cute little picture of Sam to include and found these two ...

Now how can I help but be sad that this is the view. I too seem to always have many things out of my reach - as I topped out at a whopping five foot it seems that most of life is built for the taller -- so I find myself toting a foot stool, jumping up or other creative things to reach those things way up high!

So really can I blame my little munchkin for wanting to experience the world from a new perspective? I guess not BUT I still need to keep him safe!


ThisGrandma said...

No Way will you be able to discourage his climbing and I know you really don't want to. Maybe at least you can sell him on the cooooool idea of wearing a helmet like the BIG GUYS do.

Mon said...

I have no advice. Climbers are climbers. The best thing is to make your home as safe as possible and let him learn to climb well. That way he becomes a safer climber. lol
I love the idea of a helmet though!

Very astute of you to see the world from his pespective too. :)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Hmm. I'm beginning to think it's a new baby thing. My toddler did the same thing the second we brought our youngest home!!!!