Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Teenager's ?????

Okay, now I know that I am getting old and 'forget' what it is like to be a teenager (or preteen) sometimes BUT still there are some things that I just do not get and here is one, maybe you all can help ...

Why is it more fun to copy music to an MP3 player and sit on the bed sharing earphone singing as loud as you can, then just putting the CD (or even plugging the MP3 player) into the stereo so we can all hear?

I have tried to relate and am just not getting this one ... we all listen to the same music, I just do not get this one!!!


Cate said...

Oh, Amy...I'm with you. To my stepdaughter, I'm ultra-nerdy, and not in the good way. If only I came into her life earlier! She goes to public school, where everyone is "gangsta", though we live in rural VA, about as far away from a "thug" as you can get! LOL!

ANYhow, the music thing? It's because then the music is THEIRS, not everyone's.

Hope your pregnancy is going well!

Tricia said...

I'm too old to know and my little guy still likes to turn the stereo up full blast so we can all hear whether we want to or not...but I agree with Cate...it's because then the music is theirs.

Mon said...

Oh Amy, be thankful. The other option is constant arguments about the stereo volume, lol

It's a 'game' & intimacy & privacy, thing btw. All tweeny and teenagey of course.

Becky said...

Hi Amy!
I have to agree with the general trend- it's THEIRS! And it's not about being selfish, I think it has to do more with mental self discovery, introspection, that kind of thing. I think there are two ways to realize "self". One is that basic survival thing that we all have from the day we're born, self-preservation. Then there's the other part where you start to think about what you're thinking about, more of a self discovery. Just so you know DAN was physically attached to his walkman for several years, I just blasted it in the car. So you can blame him! And this too shall pass ;-)

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