Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, the thirty-four week marker passed and so we are down to less than six weeks to go in this pregnancy. This comes with a bitter sweetness ... I am anxious to meet this little new one and to be able to sleep flat on my stomach, and get up off the floor without a crane BUT then I do have worries ... like how everyone will adjust and is Sam, at such a young age of only one, ready for a sibling. I guess there is also the thought that this is it, this will be the last time that we gather as a family to welcome a new precious bundle into our home. These last few weeks will be the last that I have with a child that is all mine, kicking me, pushing and wiggling from inside. This is the last time that I can use the excuse of pregnancy for my huge stomach or needing that crane to get up off the floor!!! All of this brings some sadness, although it feels right.

The good news is that the nesting instinct has kicked in and I have organized the pantry cupboards, washed down all the fronts of the cupboards, cleaned out the stove and refrigerator, dusted some cobwebs from the ceiling and organized the bedroom shelves! I started a grocery list of items needed to prepare some meals for the freezer (this was a blessing after Sam was born). I wish this feeling would stay around forever!!!

Today the sun is suppose to appear and I have big plans ... I have seeds to start and laundry to hang dry. Oh yeah , and I suppose I should finish preparing my birth box for delivery! I hope you all have a most wonderful day!


Mon said...

Oh my! Only 6 weeks to go! I loved the nesting feeling, one of the few things I got to enjoy in my pregnancy, lol.

I hadn't realised you had a 1 year old! Did you take time to breathe between pregnancies!?? LMAO

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Woohoo 6 weeks!! I felt the EXACT same as you did! Panicked because my toddler was only 1, how would she do, and yes, couldn't wait to sleep on my belly again too! lol

You and I are so very much alike, my dear :)

Jen said...

The end of a pregnancy is so bittersweet! I can't wait to meet your new one!!!

Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said...

Oh how I wish I had your energy. I've got the nesting bug, but no enthusiasm for removing my toosh from this chair to do any of it.