Saturday, January 24, 2009

Energy Bursts, Shopping, & Cooking - Recipes Anyone?

Here I am within the last few weeks of delivery of our new, very wiggly bundle of joy. I will admit that although there is a lot on my mind, I am ready and anxious. I love this time because of the energy ... sometimes I get burst of energy that allow me to get more done in a few hours than most weeks!!!! Who can complain (besides my children and husband who sometimes just have to move out of the way)!

This past week we were hit with illness but we survived a house full of fevers, throwing up, sore throats and coughs ... I even managed to avoid wetting myself through numerous sneezing fits, not a small task with a baby who likes to sit on your bladder!!!

After dinner last night a energy burst hit!!! So at 7:30pm, with one year old and thirteen year old in tow I decided to go get groceries. It worked out great! I will admit that grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do and it always seems to take up so much of my day and then I am ready for a nap, this late evening shopping worked really well!

Then I went to bed with a mind full of ideas for cooking projects for the weekend. I really want to get a few things into the freezer for 'those' days after the baby is born. So on the agenda for today is Lasagna (4 pans) and Shepherds Pie - both freeze and reheat very well!

I will say that sometimes I get tired of the same meals, but adding a variety can be challenging. Do you have a great meal that freeze and reheats easy? I would love to try it, with a family of soon to be eight sometimes dinner can be a huge task ... how do you make it easier?

A very magical day to you!


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Yay for bursts of energy!!! You go girl! Nesting has begun LOL :) I miss it.. so much!

Mon said...

So exciting, I can sense the energy!

I've never in my life frozin lasgna, do you cook it completely then freeze it?

Anyway, I would go for one pot stews, chicken/pork/beef casseroles, and soups.

Tricia said...

We've frozen chicken and rice dishes and chicken curry.

Have lots of fun.

Amy said...

Thanks for the ideas!

Lasagna Freezes easily -- I assemble it together -- I always cook everything before assembly ... then freeze when read to eat bake for an hour or until hot!