Monday, December 22, 2008

A Monday Moment

Today is Monday and the count down to Christmas is here. I have posted a little about some of our family changes to take the focus of the holiday season away from the shopping and commercialism and back to the family - we are working on this (I will share more later.) But for this year my mom and boyfriend are traveling the 1000 miles to visit us and will arrive on Christmas Eve! So we need to be ready! So I will be finishing up all sorts of things this week, including our BIG present to the kids (I will have to share this after Christmas as they read my blog)! I am so excited about it though!

Last night as I finally closed my eyes, I said to myself: "Self there will be no blogging until you have finished ALL your holiday 'stuff'" But then lots of ideas started running through my head! So here I am ... I am going to share one little thought today about something that has made our family life LOTS better: Co-Sleeping! I hope to add more about this soon but for today I am going to just share this little story of why it is nice for us!

I love listening to my children but I will say that during the day with five little ones running around there are times that I miss a lot. But very frequently as we are all cozied into our beds, lights out, the kids get to chatting and here is where I hear lots of very cute things! Things about their day, how they perceive the world, their future plans and imaginations run wild! I really love this time, the kids seem less inhibited and share freely, I learn so much - it is kind of my personal bed time story - which offers insight to my children. Providing ideas for projects, school lessons, gifts and just some smiles.

A little conversation from last night between Jacob (age 7) and Rick (age3). I am not sure what they were talking about originally but here is some of what was said.
Jacob: "We all have a brain."
Rick: "I do not have a brain."
Jacob: "Your Brain tells you when to eat."
Rick: "No, my belly tells me when to eat."
Jacob: "But your brain tells your body what to do."
Rick: "I do not have a body."
Jacob: "Yes, you do."
Rick: "I do not have a brain because if I have a brain I will die and I do not have a body because if I have a body I will die."
Jacob (in an annoyed tone because he knew he was getting no where with the three year old): "Fine".
On the side lines, mommy thinking: "Oh my, I guess we need to talk about our bodies and how they function and also about death" - reminder for lesson planning!

And last night we had one other reason why I love the family bed. The girls now have their own room. The family bed has always been a choice for our children, when we moved here the their is two bedrooms right next to each other and the girls wanted to share one. But last night about 3:00am in comes Ally with little sniffles and says: "I had a bad dream" and I said: "climb in" and she did and after a little snuggle, settled right back down to sleep! I love the fact that I do not have to get up n the middle of the night all the time, the kids are always welcome and sometimes cuddle in!

So there you go, like I said I have some ideas for future posts about co-sleeping but for today I have things to do and need to go!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week, Happy Holidays or Happy Solstice or just a Magical Day - whatever works for you!


Mon (holistic mama) said...

I can't imagine not having my little in bed with me. Night time, even through blurry eyes and shadowy light, is still a time of happening. Even if it's just listening to the breathing or watching the little eyelids move, or cuddling. It's still parenting time.

Thanks for sharing your expereince.

Rick! Your own little existentialist.

goodfather said...

We strive for kids sleeping in their own beds, but they know they can come cuddle, especially if their sick (or there's a thunder storm).

The conversation is priceless.

Honey Mommy said...

Merry Christmas!

T.T. said...

My favorite part of co-sleeping is the morning. David and I spend a lot of time chatting about all kinds of things. We start the day off happy and connected. I couldn't imagine not co-sleeping.