Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Celebrations, New and Improved!

I'll share with you a story from Saturday

A little about us: I have five children ages: 13, 11, 7, 3 and 1! We are not a religious family per say BUT we have beliefs, many beliefs and mostly we try to live our lives with kindness for people and our Earth. I try to teach my children about all religions, beliefs and traditions in hope they will find a path that feels right to them.

Saturday we headed to the zoo for cookies and milk with Santa, it was a beautiful day with a light snow. As we stood there my two oldest daughters announced: "Maybe we should celebrate the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas!"

My husband and I, a little puzzled asked: "What brings you to this thought?"

And this is what they had to say:

"You know mom, everyone is just talking about what they want ... more and more toys and stuff that we really do not need. It seems that people just do not get it! It is all about shopping and the stores and it is so bad".

I pushed a little more: "What is so bad?"

"Well, the big stores and all the stuff and how it hurts the Earth and it really does not help people. People are just not thinking about being nice anymore!"

I can not tell you just how proud of my children I am. We have already started the research of Winter Solstice Celebrations and possibility of a Summer Solstice Celebration also! Figuring out what traditions we want to keep, how we want them to 'look' and just all the logistics to these celebrations.

Do you have any special celebrations or traditions?

7 comments: said...

Your children are brilliant! I think the idea of celebrating the solstice is perfect (and kind of where most of this holiday stuff originated from anyway.) Can't wait to read what you learn about it.

HeatherPride said...

Very interesting! We attend church and the sermon last week was on the very same subject, the commercialization of Christmas. I am interested to hear more about your solstice celebration!

Tricia said...

When my husband and I lived in Sweden, we celebrated the Winter Solstice with the community where we lived. It was wonderful and lots of fun. There are so, so many ways to adapt and create tradition and celebrations within our families, and I think it's wonderful that you and your family are looking for something that's more meaningful for you!

Firefly mom said...

Like you, we have beliefs but were not specifically religeous. I would love to hear about how you end up celebrating the solstice.

Don't you love how kids "get it"? We were trying to explain to our son that there weren't going to be many gifts this year (we're trying to save for our first ever vacation - "vacation" meaning not staying with relatives - in February). He just looked at us and said: "Hel-lo! Christmas isn't about *getting things*! There's lots of fun stuff to do that doesn't even involve presents." Out of the mouths of babes ;)

goodfather said...

I remember my own family's traditions - lighting the tree, reading 'The Night Before Christmas', looking at the lights of the Christmas tree... I hardly remember ANY of the gifts, heh.

This year, we're trying to start our own family traditions. Celebrating the solstice is a great idea!

Mon (holistic mama) said...

How totally cool of your kids, you've done something right, heh?

I just blogged about starting our solstice celebrations, by collecting bits from nature. I've been celebrating it for many years and this will be my first with the baby.

ThisGrandma said...

Well, most AMAZING girls there !! Who raised those wonderful kids anyway ??!! I'll be interested to read/hear about how you design your solstice celebration. Will it include some Ally Art ?? Some woodsey goodies ??
Happy Solstice and bring on the light !!