Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 2 of Cloth Diapering Week - Shopping!

So here goes, this is how I finally started ... I spent well over an hour at Cutie Tooties Cloth Diaper Shop asking the shop owner Sunny lots of questions, reading labels, feeling the product and just thinking! As there were a couple of criteria that I wanted to meet (see Day 1 Cloth Diapering post for the list) it made shopping a little easier, as it narrowed my options.

I was really unsure of what style I wanted to use ... prefolds, AIO (all in one), pocket, covers, soakers, etc... for a good explanation of each one go here. After much thought I decided that the prefolds seemed most versatile for different ages, stages, and sizes. As I was looking for something that I could use for my three year old, one year old and the newborn (in February). This seemed to be the most cost effective for me also, as I would not be buying for just one stage.

So here are some pictures and my thoughts on each of the products I bought:

Organic Prefolds - I bought 24. I have two children in diapers and no dryer so I wanted to make sure that I had enough of these for two days (the rule of thumb, I was told). They have been great! I bought the toddler size and it works great for both my one year old and my three year old. I had a few smaller prefolds that were given to me and I use them for doublers at night but in general these work great!

Snappi Diaper Fasteners -
I only bought two of these one for each child, because really I don't need any more BUT I keep thinking I will pick up two more because what if one breaks or gets lost, it would be really inconvenient! For me these are great (although they are plastic) but it saves the hassle of pins. My one year old is not easy to change as he dislikes it very much and screams and wiggles like a mad man so these make it so much safer for all of us!

Imse Vimse:
Organic Cotton Cover - I bought eight of these and that has been plenty for two children. And in a pinch I can wash by hand and hang dry, they dry fairly quick. They also have been great! I change these every couple of changes unless soiled. They are adjustable in size and easy to use! I have not had any leaks with them.

Wool Covers by Stacinator - I bought four of these to use at night and love them! Wool is amazing and I have since tried to expand my wool collection (more on that later). It is easy to care for and really is just so cute on little ones!

So this is what I started with. I really had no idea what I was doing, but I was excited and determined. Matter-a-fact, Sunny from Cutie Tooties was even kind enough to demonstrate folding techniques on a doll that she had in the store! I have since perfected (for us) this skill and even come up with my own that works for us.

Stop back for more information on our cloth diapering journey, later this week. I will be updating what additional supplies we have acquired, how we handle soiled diapers, and care of wool products. I will also be sharing how easy cloth diapering can be and how it has helped with beginning to potty train our three year old!

If you have any additional information or links please leave them here and I will compile a list of resources, see my sidebar for a few resources that I have found!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

never used cloth diapers - sort of scary to me!

Alaina F said...


I love your journey so far with cloth diapers. You sound a lot like I did 'back then'!
I noticed that you are also a fan of my site- thank you so much!

I'd love to interview you for an upcoming Dinker & Giggles podcast show. Please email me at alaina at dinkerandgiggles dot com

Alaina F said...

To Five Flower Mom Readers

Wanted to mention that I've used both cloth diapers and disposables. They both have their pros and cons...

The biggest pro for me is knowing that my baby that spends 24 hours a day 7 days a week in diapers is in something that is NOT made out of man made chemicals, trees, and plastics. We use cloth diapers made by Mother Ease- the bamboo one size with the airflow covers.
Not only do we never have to run at 3am in the morning if the baby is sick to get more diapers but they are cute, soft, and EASY to care for.
I'm a firm believer in not dissing something until you've tried it no matter how scared you may be- and I'm SO glad that I gave cloth diapering a try.... as well as the brussell sprouts my mother made at Thanksgiving.

Tricia said...

I'm so glad there's an alternative to pins. I remember when my little brother was a baby all those years ago, there weren't so many options...there was blood involved. Those little plastic things look much safer.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Girl, you are brave! I had started researching cloth diapers, but had to quickly nix the idea when I was told none of the daycares in our area used them or allowed them on premises. (State regulations.)
Keep us in the know on how it goes!

Mon said...

Great series, keep it up!

angie said...

Who would have known there were so many cloth diaper options?