Thursday, November 27, 2008

Saving Organic Labels

This letter was sent to Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting, she has asked for us to share! As organic standards is also very important to me and my family I am sharing!!!

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for signing the petition, "Organic Fish Must Meet Organic Standards!" As you know, it is critical that we maintain high standards for the organic label in the U.S.

Unfortunately, bureaucrats at the National Organics Standards Board in Washington don't think the organic label is all that important. On Thursday, they recommended to the USDA that fish be labeled 'organic' – even if they've been fed fishmeal that contains mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or other toxins.

It's outrageous. Join me in telling the USDA and the Obama Administration transition team that you expect higher standards for the organic label »

And then, please tell three friends to do the same »

Not only did the board recommend toxic fish be sold under the organic label, but they also recommend labeling fish organic if it is raised in open ocean net pens – a practice that is highly polluting and harms the wild fish supply and health of our oceans.

I am disappointed in the board's decision. But there is still time to speak out and express outrage at this decision to the USDA and to the next Administration that will be walking in the door in a couple of months. Please take a moment today and stand up for environmentally friendly, toxin-free organic standards for fish »
Thanks for taking action!

Care2 Campaign Team

This is the code for a button that you see above, feel free to grab it and share! I am not sure if it will work this way or not, I have no idea how everyone makes these great buttons and inserts the code in a fancy box and all that jazz - so I am doing it like this until I can figure it out!

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Mon (Holistic Mama) said...

Thanks for passing this on. I'm not in the US but fish standards are an issue everywhere.