Friday, November 7, 2008

NEEDED - More hours in a day!

Who has time for this blogging business?

Apparently not me!

I try and some days I get a bunch of stuff done and get to visit others and make comments BUT then a couple of the kids get a cold, there is laundry to hang out and the dishes start piling up and by the time I sit down at the computer, I can barely keep my eyes open and I wonder -- WHY?? Just why am I doing this?

So I go to bed. Then I toss and turn all night with ideas for my blog, things I want to write, blogs I want to visit, comments I want to make! Feeling badly that I did a quick read but did not comment on someones great post!

So stick with me, if you would like ... I am still around and still trying to find the time to write some things. But I have three children and a hubby (biggest baby of all) with runny noses and coughs so I am really trying to be the best mommy and wife WITHOUT getting sick myself because all of us know that moms to do NOT get days off!


HeatherPride said...

I'll never leave you! And believe me, I totally understand how you feel. In fact, I am sitting here right now feeling terrible because I just went upstairs to grab a drink, and my 4-year old had dug into the pantry and grabbed the bread and the jelly and had put it out for someone to make him a sandwich. How sad is that, that my 4-year old is trying to feed himself while I blog!? I mean, terrible. So take some time off. Don't end up like me!

Tricia said...

I'm so sorry to hear the kids have colds. Hope you guys have a nice weekend and the sniffles go away soon.

Jacie said...

Believe me, I understand. Don't fret though--sick hubbies and kiddos have to come first.

SAHW said...

With you girl, there is not enough time, and my kids haven't even come out yet :) Blog when you can, read and comment when you can, we're still here :)

Just Me. said...

Colds and the sniffles are the worst. I had it for 2months recently and I hope they never come back again!

Amy said...

Heatherpride - this means so much to me!

Tricia - Thanks we are all starting to feel better!

Jacie - yeah and my hubby can be even more whinny then the kiddos!

SAHW - Thanks so much!

Just Me - 2 months? I am so sorry! Thanks for stopping by!

To everyone - your comments mean a lot! It really is amazing how nice it is to have a little nice comment when I check in!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I'm stickin' with ya! You'll get into a groove. Keep a pad and paper around to jot stuff down when you can. That was my downfall, getting fab ideas and forgetting them when I had the chance to do something about it!

I hope the kids feel better soon!