Friday, October 24, 2008

The Strange Reoccurring Dream of Babies Arrival

I am no stranger to pregnancy -- here I am smack dab in the middle of my seventh one and all is well. I frequently hear stories of moms who have vivid dreams of their child's birth, some with fear, some with joy and some with strange outcomes such as a litter of puppies!!! I do believe that anxiety and anticipation can do wonders on the mind and deep in midst of sleep these visions become twisted and develop into these dreams!

I have NEVER had dreams of my births. I have had many worries and anticipations but never had a actually dreamed of the actual birth ... until a couple weeks ago and then again the other night!

Let me first say that I am NOT a big dreamer (at least not while I am sleeping). My husband and children spend hours at the breakfast table talking about vivid technicolor dreams and I can usually sum up mine in just a few words, IF I can even remember them! But a few weeks ago I woke up with a very vivid memory of my dream. It was something like this:
I was at the house with my children as normal, when labor started ... it was quick and easy and before I knew it I had a precious baby girl lying next to me. But I kept telling my midwife that it was just too early, it was only 23 weeks. She said, "well, the baby is big enough and healthy enough so you must be wrong about your dates." I remember thinking that this was very odd because I am absolutely sure about my dates but oh well. So life when on and we had a baby girl at 23 weeks.
When I woke up I remember thinking this was really strange but did not think much of it! I think I did tell Dan but thought it was just funny! So ... then the other day I had almost the same dream, except that my midwife was not here it was just my children and I and again, it was 23 weeks ... I kept saying this over and over. Again I woke up and remember it very vividly!

HHHUUMMM ... so why the dreams and what is up with this twenty-three week thing? So I am officially in my twenty third week and just want to get through as normal. I feel great and have no reason to believe that all is not well BUT I just wonder why this number, what is it that makes it stick out?


Tricia said...

I'm sure it doesn't matter how many times you're pregnant, the worry must be a constant. It's so strange that you've had the same dream twice. I've only had recurring dreams a few times, and it always freaks me out a bit. I think this is just the universe telling you that you are in fact going to have a beautiful, healthy baby girl, which will nicely even things out...three boys and three girls.

I'm sending hugs and wishes for only happy, happy dreams and an uneventful 23rd week...and 24th week and all the way through to 40 weeks.

Actually, I can't believe you're already at 23 weeks. This pregnancy seems to be going by so quickly. I can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family, which also reminds only have 17 weeks to pick out a name :o)

HeatherPride said...

You're just now getting the crazy pregnancy dreams in your seventh pregnancy? Wow. I had nutty dreams in both of mine. It was so funny to me that you mentioned a litter of puppies - during my last pregnancy I had a dream that I went in to my ultrasound and there were in there. And I was like "fish? they're fish" and the doctor was all, "yeah, definitely fish. You're ok with that, right?" and I was like "well, what kind of fish are they?" and he said "well, from the looks of those fins they seem to be betas" and I was like, " I guess." Weird, huh.

Sue said...

I never remember my dreams now. When I was younger I had great dreams, and remembered them all they were like movies. I'm not sure why you keep having the same dream with 23 in it. Try not to worry to much about it. And I'll just say wow 7 kids! God Bless you and your family I'm sure everything will be fine. :)

ThisGrandma said...

I'm surprised you haven't had other baby arrival dreams yet ! When my son was 'on the way', I dreamt I was in a white surgical suite, with doctors and nurses (maybe even nurse co-workers of mine) peering in the little windows. When he was born, he was small and pink - about 8 inches long. I got up quick because he started getting smaller. I ran down the hall with him in my hands, and he got smaller and bluer till he was about 2 inches long and purple. I don't remember where I was running to or what happened - except that I woke up in a cold sweat and scared!!
BUT he's not blue OR small now !! I think he's laboring under your sink today.

Mon said...

The seventh child is supposed to be psychic... or so the old women say.