Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Quick Update On A Bunch of 'Stuff'

As I seem to not have time to complete a whole post and I really want to get something out there, I am doing a quick update! Please check back I will add more exciting stuff soon. Thanks for visiting.

Cloth Diapers
- Okay so it has been almost two weeks and it is going great!! I actually have lots to say about this process but no time at the moment. But it is coming soon ... all the details! Please note that I have added a little sidebar of cloth diapering resources, if any of you have additional resources that I can add that would be great.

Poison Ivy - The itching has stopped and the rash is going away. We are all catching up on sleep and all is well. Thank you to everyone who sent best wishes and ideas. I think we tried them all!!!

Drinking Water Dilemma - This is still on my mind, we ordered a filter (which is suppose to be delivered today) and so I am trying to do my part BUT it seems that I keep running into new things that just are weighing on my mind. Does anyone else feel frustrated that we (public water) pay for our water just to have disease causing chemicals added to it? I am working on another post about this because I just feel like it needs to stop. Some of the studies I have been reading are just amazing ... more to come soon!

A Visitor - I am picking up a visitor today at the airport. A dear friend of our family is coming to stay for two weeks and we are so excited! So just a warning we may be out playing and having fun, please forgive me and I will try to keep up with my blogging world!

A Sneak Peek - Here are a few posts (other than above) that I am working on, so please stay tuned.
  • Our Chickens
  • Children, Chores and Allowances
  • The Strange Reoccurring Dream of Babies Arrival
  • Halloween Costume Updates
  • Some Homeschooling Thoughts
  • My Knitting Project
  • A Couple of Guest Writers - my daughters!
And as always I will try to keep posting Wordless Wednesday and other pictures I think are fun! Thank you to everyone who has and will stop by, I love all your support and comments.



Tricia said...

It sounds like things as busy as usual and lots of fun. Congratulations on making the cloth diapers work, I know you've wanted to tackle this for awhile.

Lots of great posts in your sneak peak. I look forward to reading them.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I thought I was busy! Uh uh, not compared to you! Wow! Looking forward to these updates!

angie said...

Have a great weekend......and time with your friend. I'm looking forward to the posts and updates! said...

Love it, and love the list of posts-to-be. I have a bunch in the queue that have been on hold since my computer crashed...I swear I'll get to them soon. Right.
Have a great weekend!