Thursday, October 30, 2008

Putting It Together - A Funny Story!

The other day I was over at Maybe If you Just Relax, reading Jen's funny story of her and her husband putting the crib together for their expected bundle of joy! As I was reading I was reminded of a very funny story from my past, so I thought I would share ... a good laugh is always fun!

So here is a little background information: my husband and I met when his family moved across the road from my family. I was ten years old and he was fourteen. As we lived out in the woods in a very small town we soon became friends. As the years went by we remained friends and soon our relationship grew and here we are so many years later (twenty-six to be precise)!!!

By the time we started living together we knew each other quite well. Although adjusting to living with someone can be difficult we were quite good at weathering the storms! We had a nice little apartment (actually quite spacious if I think about it now) and we were slowly acquiring furniture. We had purchased out first computer, which was a HUGE deal at the time. So now all we needed was a desk.

I don't even remember where we got it BUT I do remember that I was so tickled. We had talked about all the things we wanted from this desk and made our decision. Dan had to work so I went to pick it up and figured I would get it all set up and surprise him when he got home.


So I went to the store and looked at the desks, they were not fancy because we could not afford fancy but I found one with little cupboards for storage, a pull out drawer for the key board and a roll around printer stand! And the price was right. I brought the ticket to the counter and paid, and the very kind associate wheeled out a cart with a box that was about 5 feet long by two feet wide and 4 INCHES thick!! HUM! This seemed much smaller than the display!!!! But I was confident that I could put it together!

Did I mention that I was only eighteen years old and very naive about 'putting things together', my dad always just did it and made it look easy!

So happy me rolls my new desk in a box out to my little car, at which time I realize I have no idea where this is gong to fit. After much configuring I decide it will indeed fit across the back seat. So there I am in the parking lot trying to lift this box and jam it into the backseat of my car ... if I could just get the right angle I know it will fit!

Did I mention that it must have weighed 100 pounds!!! BUT I DID IT!!!!

So happy me drove home! The whole way thinking how I would run home, put it together and have it already, cook dinner and surprise Dan! Remembering how heavy it was I parked as close to the door of our apartment as I could.

Did I mention that we lived on the second floor? After what seemed like hours of pushing and shoving and heavy breathing I finally reached the top of the stairs! YEAH ME!!!

So happy me opened the box and took out all the pieces. I even found the instruction book and glanced it over a little. Realizing that the day was almost gone and there was no way that I would ever get this put together before Dan was home I decided to abandon my project and start dinner. Once dinner was ready I went back to the project. Dan had called and was on his way and said if I had everything ready he would put it together... so I decided to get everything ready.

I pulled out all the piece and lay them neatly on the living room floor.
I took off all the tags!
I got out the tool box.
Happy me was ready!

So Dan got home from a long day at work and started reading the instructions, he is so good about doing that, he always wants things to be perfect! As he looked at the instruction booklet and all the wood pieces he seemed puzzled ... I asked him if all was okay and he just said "well, this is so stupid ... in the instructions they have all the pieces lettered so you know what goes where and I just can not find them anywhere."

That is when happy me realized that all those TAGS that I took off, the ones that had letters on them ... might have been important!

Well, happy me and grumpy Dan did get the desk together but it took twice as long and lots of redo's! When all was said and done Dan said, "why don't you just leave the putting together to me next time" He was so sweet!

I would like to say that after all these years that this has changed but low and behold it has not. I still am awful about putting things together and think that it is much easier than it really is! Dan is still extremely anal and has to have everything perfect and therefore it takes forever!

I guess some things just never change!


Tricia said...

I love this story, and I can just picture you huffing and puffing that huge box up two flights of stairs. We need a Dan in our family. My husband and I both only read instructions once we get stuck instead of reading them in advance of starting a project. There have been many times when we'll put something together using just the pictures, and get to the end and have pieces left over.

ThisGrandma said...

THANK YOU for a good giggle for today!! Great story ! What a picture of you struggling, then Dan puzzling over the pieces. Interesting new view of him......