Thursday, October 16, 2008

IT ITCHES - A Poison Ivy Story!!!

HELP! Does anyone have a cure for the itchy poison ivy???????

Jacob seems to want to be the first, the first to get stung by a yellow jacket and now the first to get poison ivy! When we moved into our house the owners told us that there was poison ivy on the property so we looked it up and showed the kids so that they could identify it. The kids have been very nervous about it around the house so they tend to wear pants, socks and shoes when they go outside -- good habits!

So on Friday Jacob was out working on the chicken coop with his dad and came in saying: "I itch"! Assuming that the bugs were out I said: "Let's get in the shower." This usually works well for the itches after working outside. I never thought of poison ivy because I had not seen any near the where they were working.

As he stripped down I could see that he had several blistery spots on his legs, they were a little oozy and seemed to itch like crazy. My first thought was poison ivy BUT as I have never seen it before I called to Dan to come look and he indeed confirmed (as he has had lots of experience with it) that it was POISON IVY!!!

Jacob wants to know how this happened, me too as we have been very careful around the house!

Then Dan says: Remember at dance class Tuesday night? You were playing out by that tree and I said, that looks like poison ivy?"

Well there you have it! I guess it was!

A quick rinse off shower and lots of itching so we head down to the co-op to get something to help -- there I am faced with a shelf of many different things, I ask the lady working which she thinks is best, I end up buying three different things: a wash, a homeopathic oral tab and a ointment! We will kick this.

So, here we are and it is Wednesday and we have had many days of itching, it seems much more controllable during the day but it seems that between 1:00am and 4:00am the itching is so intense that none of us can sleep!

So if any of you out there have a treatment, cure, etc... I would love to hear it! Unless it is scrubbing your whole body with a scrub brush and bleach (which I found on the web) that just seems to cruel! Oh and I am not a big fan of chemicals!!! So send a long those natural, at home remedies ... you know the ones that have been around forever and really work!!! And maybe a story for Jacob of your poison ivy experience ... sometime he finds a good laugh can get his mind off the itching!

Thanks a million!


Tricia said...

Poor little guy. I have no advice, no stories and no experience. Yea, I know I'm absolutely NO help. Sorry, but I'm sending organic, positive thoughts and anti-itch wishes. You never know, it could help :o)

I can't believe that with all the precautions you guys have taken at home to avoid the dreaded plant, he ends up getting it somewhere else. What a drag. How long does an attack of poison ivy last?

CharmaineZoe said...

Gosh, that sounds horrendous! We are lucky over here as we just don't have it, about the worst thing we can get is a bit of nettle rash, fairly innocuous compared to your experience. Sorry I can't be of any help, just sending vibes across the water.
Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment you left - much appreciated :-)

This Grandma said...

OOohhh boy! It was only a matter of time...Yes, if you saw blisters as the first sign, it was already several days old. UNFORTUNATELY, there are no magic formulas. Once it is broken out like that, it will take 2-3 weeks to be gone - and as usual, less scratching makes it leave faster. And too much scratching with any dirty fingers could risk it getting infected.
It is worse at night when you are snuggly and warm under covers and the skin is warm.
Any objection to Aveeno oatmeal baths ??- available at the drug store. Some kind of cool compresses periodically may help. I wrote to the aunts and uncles - we had a LOT of experience with it growing up in Ohio.
Saw the best info about the plants on in landscaping.
I join Tricia in sending positive thoughts for Jake - seems he's the leader in the tough things !! Go, Jakie !!

Amy said...

Thanks for the tips! Oatmeal baths are great BUT instead of buying a brand name I have used regular organic oats at $.69 per pound, just finely chopped in a food processor or coffee mill!

I have been using baking soda baths too!

Tricia said...

oh my goodness...I just read this grandma's comment and 2-3 weeks sounds like forever, especially for a child. Will it spread to the other children?

Maybe sleeping uncovered and where it's cool would help it not itch so much at night. You must be exhausted.

HeatherPride said...

Yep, fortunately I'm not allergic to poison ivy but my dad is and he had lots of breakouts of it when I was a kid. Nothing really worked for him either, it's just something that has to run its course. However, when he got a really bad case of it once he went to the doctor and they have him a cortisone shot. I know, not exactly homeopathic but if it's bad, it's bad!!

Homesteader's Wife said...

Ok... so I've never tried it myself, but a friend of mine broke out in poison oak and ivy 2 weeks before her wedding all over her arms, legs and chest. My DH heard from someone to rub meat tenderizer all over the affected spots and it would take it away. She still had some spots, but it wasn't itching anymore, and it kept it from spreading. She used Cortizone 10 as well to keep it from itching between doses.

CJStewart said...

I've heard that jewel weed is a good fix for poison ivy itchiness. I would imagine that you could infuse it in some good oil and rub it on. (But you'll probaby want to do more research to see if there is a better application...)