Saturday, October 4, 2008

Drinking Water Dilemma

Water is such a key factor in good health. I have always encouraged my children to drink lots of water and personally think it is the best to drink. But lately it has been a struggle to find 'clean' water.

Okay, here is a little back ground information about me that will help understand where I am coming from: I do not consider myself completely naive (and I am getting less and less naive with time and experience) but I am trusting and as a child I think I was brought up with a respect for authority, assuming, for example that professionals were intending to be helpful to you (ie: doctors had you best interest in mind, law makers wanted to protect you, etc...). If there is one thing that I have learned in my life it is that these assumptions are NOT true! I am not saying that everyone is out to get you and there are not some good intended professionals BUT in general the power of the dollar has taken over and I MUST look out for myself and family because no one else is! I really am not as cynical as I sound!!!

Okay, back to my water dilemma (I have a couple) ...

First, Drinking Water From The Tap: We just moved to a new city and the water is not so great. I can smell the chlorine in it, which just makes it undrinkable for me. Besides the fact that I do NOT want to be drinking chlorine (harmless as some may say it is, here are some health hazards of chlorine) I just can not seem to enjoy drinking something with such a stench!

Then there is fluoride, this is a topic that I could write a whole post about ... I just do not understand why we think it is okay for public officials (government) to administer a prescription drug to the general public. Again there is lots of controversy about the health hazards of this, go check it out for yourself, I was really amazed when I did. Here at Stop Fluoridation you can see some hazards but please do your own research.

Then who knows what else is in it and who is monitoring this and if indeed there is an issue with it how am I to be informed. It just does not seem safe to me. So one options (which many have started doing) is buying bottles water.

Second, Buying Bottled Water: This just has too many issues, first the issues of so much plastic, this is just not good in any way, click over and read my post about how plastic is horrible for our environment. Then there is the fact that a huge majority of bottled water is taken from a tap ... see issues from number one above.

With these two big issues, my husband and I have been researching water filters for weeks now and we think we have decided on a Crystal Quest, Triple Cartridge Under Sink Fluoride Filter BUT the bottom line is that they are costly and I am just not sure that I can trust that they are doing what they are intended to do. So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!!

Now my next water dilemma ... the other day over at Non-Toxic Kids, Katy Farber posted about PVC (the poison plastic) and Drinking Water. Please go read this, she talks about the lead used in making garden hoses ... they are not safe and we drink from them, water our animals and gardens and actually just handling can be toxic.
"Consumer Reports tested 16 brands of garden hose sold at national chains and on the internet. In some hoses they measured 10 to 100 times more lead than the EPA considers safe coming out of a faucet." Taken from Meta Effecient, who does list some lead free hoses!

This has just been driving me crazy, we need to stop this. We are poisoning ourselves and our children. I find it hard to believe why anyone would question why there are so many more health issues today ... we are doing it to ourselves! So I guess my point is I hope that we all take a minute to tell our family and friends and help educate each other about the hazards of our drinking water ... also to help find solutions because I surely do not have them BUT I am looking and would love other ideas!


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments on the fluoride. Our water isn't flouridated.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Hi There! Hope you are having a great weekend. I think flouride is super important. My friend had done a ton of research on the positive impacts of it. The facts she found have me convinced. Anyway, we had it in our last house and in this one we don't--different cities. So, we give it orally to our children to ensure they get it.

On another topic: I saw that you included your link for Girl's Night Out over on my Mr. Linky. However, I don't see your Twitter URL.

If you would like to join us for this week's Girl's Night Out (on Tuesday), please come back to my blog and sign up on Mr. Linky again and let us know your Twitter URL so we can follow you.

Thanks so much. Hope to see you there.

HeatherPride said...

That is really scary about the hose thing - my son LOVES to turn the hose on and use it like a water fountain in the summer. I always thought it was cute until I just found out that I was slowly poisoning him!!! AAAAAAACCCCCKKKK

Rachel said...

Hi! I am Anna's daughter, Rachel.
I have the EXACT same concerns, I sometimes feel that I am the crazy one b/c their are so many dangers & so few truly safe options. My solutions to this question are :
1)buying "bulk" water from the reverse osmosis machine at the health food store. I put the water in glass gallon jars.
2)Check out New Wave Environmental water filters. A sink filter runs ab/$120. It DOES remove flouride, along w/everything else. I also use their shower & tub filters ($40) b/c chlorine is easily absorbed through the skin.

Hope you find some peace. Can't wait to meet your fam!

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I adore this post! So true!!! If I might make a suggestion, its what we did to "clean up" our water issue :) We get culligan-type water. Culligan itself isn't available here, but they recycle the jugs, its super cleansed water, and it comes to you and is ready to use with their cooler rentals. I think its the best choice to ensure you have water ready for you whenever you need it that is safe :) What are your thoughts?

Mrs. G. said...

We filter and carry stainless steel bottles. Clean water seems a basic human right.

Lisa P said...

Wow! I've not been paying much attention to water issues. I do not use plastic water bottles for the very reason you mentioned. I hate thinking of all those bottles heading for landfills.

rick said...

hi! i followed you here from non-toxic kids! i left you a comment there, but thought i would leave one here, if that's okay. i understand your plight with water and agree whole-heartedly. i have an Aquasana filter that i like. they have one best of consumers digest for years in a row. also, i received a tip on a gardeners forum about gardening hoses. i havn't bought one yet myself, but apparently if you shop at a campers store and look for a hose approved for 'potable' water-- it is white with a blue stripe (or blue with white?) then i think it is approved for drinking, thus, i am assuming it is lead free. i also thought i saw an attachable filter for a garden hose. i think it is a sprayer combo. if you have time, google it, because i'm not sure where i saw it! :) i hope this helps and please know you are not alone! i also have a whole house water filter that is yet to be installed and it's from Puritec. aquasana sells them too, so my hubby thought this one we bought filtered out more.

rick said...

oops! i signed up as my hubby's account! rick is really not stalking you ! or me!! :)

Books at Bedtime said...

i hope i got this blog signed in right and it looks like me doing the talking! anyway... thanks for stopping by my family blog! hope you find what you need for all your water needs... it's tough, sometimes, i know ;)

Books at Bedtime said...

i hope i got this blog signed in right and it looks like me doing the talking! anyway... thanks for stopping by my family blog! hope you find what you need for all your water needs... it's tough, sometimes, i know ;)

CastoCreations said...

The solution? Don't think about it. =) Ignorance is bliss after all.

I don't mind the flouride so much but the chlorine is kind of gross. Though in small amounts it's better to have chlorine than some deadly bacteria.

I don't buy bottled water because it's expensive and a scam (tap water in a pretty bottle). A lot of folks I know use Britta pitchers in the fridge to get cold and clean water.

Honestly? I just drink from the tap. Everything we do is bad for us now-a-days... chewing gum, drinking coffee, eggs, meat, it's all bad and all killing us. If I worried about every single study that came out and said product "A" is killing us I'd have a complex. =)

Tanya Sum said...

"I can smell the chlorine in it, which just makes it undrinkable for me."

But that chlorine is protecting you more than anything else -- that's the entire reason that it's there. I've done some work for the American Chemistry Council, and I know that a stronger chlorine smell doesn't mean that there is more chlorine present, but rather it's reacting to a higher percentage of harmful substances, that smell is the chlorine at work.

Since chlorine was introduced into the mainstream about 100 years ago, it's virtually wiped out all water-born illnesses.

Amy said...

Tanya Sum: Thanks for stopping by. I would prefer there be nothing in my water ...

Here is quote taken from:

"We are quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water." - Medical College Of Wisconsin research team

The addition of chlorine to our drinking water began in the late 1800s and by 1904 was the standard in water treatment, and for the most part remains so today. We don’t use chlorine because it’s the safest or even the most effective means of disinfection, we use it because it is the cheapest. In spite of all our technological advances, we essentially still pour bleach in our water before we drink it. The long term effects of chlorinated drinking water have just recently being recognized. According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality, “Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”