Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birds! Birds! Birds!

I am posting these bird pictures because I have enjoyed taking them. I think I have mentioned before that I am not a photographer, I take lots of pictures but really am not so great. Sometimes I think I need to get a new camera but I love my Canon digital camera/video recorder! But I do think I could get much better quality pictures with a different camera.

Having said that we have a cute little bird bath in the garden and I have loved watching the birds. Here is a few snapshots ... I am hoping to dig out the bird book soon as I have no idea what I am looking at most of the time.

I do know this is a Cardinal, there is a pair of them that I believe live in the cedar tree by the driveway. I have seen both the male and female at the bird bath. They are funny, diving and splashing in the water. I think Cardinals have a special place in my heart, my Grandmother Lamos has always had a fondness for them and has shared that with us all! So every day when I see these two little birds I think of Gram Lamos.
I am not sure what this is, it almost looks like a Cardinal but much smaller then the other two I have been watching. Maybe a young one???
This little bird is one of many of its kind that were playing in the bird bath. I just could not get the camera fast enough. Actually the kids noticed and flocked to the window scaring them all away! But there was about seven or so of these little ones in the bird bath having fun the other day!
This is a very bad picture of a Blue Jay! I have seen a few of these!
This is just a few of what we have seen and I hope to get more pictures! The kids have heard an owl! There are lots of big crows (?) that I see over head. One day we were doing school work and a very large bird flew over, but I did not get a good look at it. I just know that I noticed its shadow moving across the driveway and ran to the window to see it go down behind the trees!

The children have all started taking an interest in filling the bird bath and checking it for birds. So here I go to dig out the books so we can start learning about what we are seeing! Maybe next we will start learn them by song ... they sure can be loud just before sunrise!

Oh and just in case you think all we do is sit around and watch the birds, here are a couple shots of an Eastern Box Turtle (I think) that was in the driveway! This is the second that the kids have seen, they found one down in the woods, which has a different pattern on it!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the little creatures around you!


Tricia said...

What great back-yard adventures you guys are having!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Birds kind of freak me out, I've been pecked a few too many times, but they're always pretty to look at. My camera is not very good with the pictures. I took a picture of my dog Harry once and it looked like a black cotton ball whizzing across the shot.

HeatherPride said...

We put a bird feeder right outside the play room window so my son could watch the birds. He loved it! The little yellow guys are yellow finches.

HeatherPride said...
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HeatherPride said...

Sorry - that was me! I accidentally double posted!

ThisGrandma said...

Great fun, watching birds and their activities - and how they come and go with the seasons. The first one looks like a wren - they are small, dart around, and flip their tail up and down - they chatter a lot - great little birds. The third is a tufted titmouse - sweet birds with their small dark eyes, have a tiny tiny voice.
Have fun !!

~ April ~ said...

We are avid birders around here. Definitely gets some bird ID books (such as Sibley's). It's so much fun, and a great activity to do with the kids (although it doesmake it more challenging LOL)

les_mason_curt said...

BE Careful with the turtles around here. Not sure if you are familiar with the snapping turtle since you are from Vermont, but a snapping turtle will bite and not let go... they are mean, mena creatures. I had a friend in grade school and she and I were golfing one day and we saw one by a pond and she put her club next to it and it bit the club... Not just a bite, the darn thing would not let go... Seriously my Dad had to get pretty creative to get it off... Just a warning...
Hope you enjoy your move to Knoxville!