Friday, October 3, 2008

Advice - Who Wants It?

As a fairly new blogger and someone who does it just for pleasure, no expectations of big writing deals or becoming famous, I do LOVE getting comments. And I will also admit that it is exciting to see a new person has stopped by and even more exciting when you see a stranger has come back again and maybe again to see what I have posted. As a SAHM, some days this is the only proof that some one is 'listening' to me!!!

I will say for as much as I love comments some times leaving them is equally as difficult. Especially when lots of other people have said it all. Lately I have tried really hard to leave comments on other blogs but what I find is that sometimes I leave bits of advice ... I got to thinking ... who really wants this? Maybe nobody and that is just fine, at least I left a comment, right? I do hope that is what others think.

So here is my disclaimer: I have no idea if the advice I have are worth the screen you read them from but they are left from my heart. I never want to sound bossy or know-it all, I just want to share ideas. I personally like hearing lots of ideas and angles so I can feel like I am developing a point of view considering as many aspects as possible. This to me is why blogging on the internet is so glorious!

So please leave your thoughts and ideas here and please take everything I say with the understanding that I am just trying to offer something and you have a choice to take it or leave it!


Tricia said...

I think part of the reason people blog is because it provides a feedback loop: a validation or even interesting debate for our thoughts and musings; or simply someone else to tell us our kids are so darn cute. Comments are important, even if it's just to say, "Hi"... someone is listening and appreciating that you took time to share a piece of yourself. As long as we approach disagreement or offering of advice with respect, how could anyone be upset by a comment you may leave? Plus, you don't have a mean bone in your whole body.

AVT Coach said...

Hello, came over from Angie's WW although a bit late. I saw this post first and it is a good one. I totally agree with Tricia. I have not been blogging long but I do know that it is an amazing community of people who do embrace life and they participate in posts such as WW in order to connect with people. What you may be calling "advice" may be someone elses hope, inspiration, food for thought. So new friend..My advice...:) keep commenting and give your advice if you want to.. I bet you have great thoughts to share.

angie said...

My favorite thing about blogging is the interaction. Of course it's always nice to hear that you are wonderful, but mostly, I love comments that offer new ideas, or an expansion on an idea or something that relates. I think most people appreciate comments that are not just "great photo". As long as the comments are not negative, I think most people always welcome what you have to say. :)

HeatherPride said...

I know what you mean. I often wonder how my comments relay to the person reading them. Sometimes I give advice, often I tell my own related quickie story, and other times I just want to leave a quickie note that doesn't really say anything other than - I read what you have to say, because I think bloggers need to know that!

And I'm the same - I appreciate comments no matter what form they come in! (I've been lucky that I haven't had a troll in my comments yet!)

Susie said...

this is exactly why I blog! I love getting feedback--I love meeting people--and most importantly it's nice to know in my quiet little tiny world someone else can see me.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will be visiting soon!

SAHW said...

I have greatly appreciated your feedback and comments, so know you're doing it right. :)
But yes, I'm with is sometimes hard to know how to comment, esp. when what you were going to say has already been said. And yes, comments often overlap with advice, but I personally think it's a good thing - I don't always agree with everything every commenter suggests to me, but it doesn't matter, b/c I've gained a lot from the vast majority of commenters, who have opened my eyes to new ideas or ways of thinking.
So, basically, keep it up. :)

Amy said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting!!! I love hearing so many different thoughts and appreciate every second it takes each person to personalize a comment!

Lisa P said...

I always love to hear other ideas and points of view. Just like you, I wonder at times if the life nuggets I share matter to anyone else. Then I realize even if they don't they still matter to me. The very act of sharing your ideas with another often clarifies your own feelings. I've shared advice and ended up thinking..."hey, I really should make use of my own advice more often!" :-)

You're off to a great start with your blog. I love your format too. Mine needs a bit of a makeover. It's two years old and I don't have much to look at.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It's great to know our kids have something in common too!