Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, we will be so busy this weekend but will be back soon with costume pictures and more fun stuff! Be safe and have fun!!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Putting It Together - A Funny Story!

The other day I was over at Maybe If you Just Relax, reading Jen's funny story of her and her husband putting the crib together for their expected bundle of joy! As I was reading I was reminded of a very funny story from my past, so I thought I would share ... a good laugh is always fun!

So here is a little background information: my husband and I met when his family moved across the road from my family. I was ten years old and he was fourteen. As we lived out in the woods in a very small town we soon became friends. As the years went by we remained friends and soon our relationship grew and here we are so many years later (twenty-six to be precise)!!!

By the time we started living together we knew each other quite well. Although adjusting to living with someone can be difficult we were quite good at weathering the storms! We had a nice little apartment (actually quite spacious if I think about it now) and we were slowly acquiring furniture. We had purchased out first computer, which was a HUGE deal at the time. So now all we needed was a desk.

I don't even remember where we got it BUT I do remember that I was so tickled. We had talked about all the things we wanted from this desk and made our decision. Dan had to work so I went to pick it up and figured I would get it all set up and surprise him when he got home.


So I went to the store and looked at the desks, they were not fancy because we could not afford fancy but I found one with little cupboards for storage, a pull out drawer for the key board and a roll around printer stand! And the price was right. I brought the ticket to the counter and paid, and the very kind associate wheeled out a cart with a box that was about 5 feet long by two feet wide and 4 INCHES thick!! HUM! This seemed much smaller than the display!!!! But I was confident that I could put it together!

Did I mention that I was only eighteen years old and very naive about 'putting things together', my dad always just did it and made it look easy!

So happy me rolls my new desk in a box out to my little car, at which time I realize I have no idea where this is gong to fit. After much configuring I decide it will indeed fit across the back seat. So there I am in the parking lot trying to lift this box and jam it into the backseat of my car ... if I could just get the right angle I know it will fit!

Did I mention that it must have weighed 100 pounds!!! BUT I DID IT!!!!

So happy me drove home! The whole way thinking how I would run home, put it together and have it already, cook dinner and surprise Dan! Remembering how heavy it was I parked as close to the door of our apartment as I could.

Did I mention that we lived on the second floor? After what seemed like hours of pushing and shoving and heavy breathing I finally reached the top of the stairs! YEAH ME!!!

So happy me opened the box and took out all the pieces. I even found the instruction book and glanced it over a little. Realizing that the day was almost gone and there was no way that I would ever get this put together before Dan was home I decided to abandon my project and start dinner. Once dinner was ready I went back to the project. Dan had called and was on his way and said if I had everything ready he would put it together... so I decided to get everything ready.

I pulled out all the piece and lay them neatly on the living room floor.
I took off all the tags!
I got out the tool box.
Happy me was ready!

So Dan got home from a long day at work and started reading the instructions, he is so good about doing that, he always wants things to be perfect! As he looked at the instruction booklet and all the wood pieces he seemed puzzled ... I asked him if all was okay and he just said "well, this is so stupid ... in the instructions they have all the pieces lettered so you know what goes where and I just can not find them anywhere."

That is when happy me realized that all those TAGS that I took off, the ones that had letters on them ... might have been important!

Well, happy me and grumpy Dan did get the desk together but it took twice as long and lots of redo's! When all was said and done Dan said, "why don't you just leave the putting together to me next time" He was so sweet!

I would like to say that after all these years that this has changed but low and behold it has not. I still am awful about putting things together and think that it is much easier than it really is! Dan is still extremely anal and has to have everything perfect and therefore it takes forever!

I guess some things just never change!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - I Love Mud!


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bloggy World Fun!

There are lots of fun stuff going on in the bloggy world! So go ahead and check out some of these other blogs and links that I have added, they are so much fun!!!

Check out some of these wonderful sites that are participating in give-a-ways!

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Adventures in Babywearing, also has a give-away going on!

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And here is some more fun and exciting news, Mamarazzi has a cool Favorite Things Swap going on, so go check it out, it is sure to be lots of fun!

Go forth and have fun. Have a beautiful day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

VOTE - Are you registerd?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Green Meme #1

1) Name two motivations for being green?

Knowledge - the more I learn the more crazy it seems that we do not see that as a society we are poisoning ourselves and our world. I recently heard something that really kind of put this into prospective (in a sad sort of way).
"If insects died out, in 50 years, all life would cease to exist. If humans died out, in 50 years, all life would flourish." Sir Ken Robinson stated.
My Children - I truly believe that children learn what they live and so if I can set a good example then it will be much easier for them to carry on. I do not want them to feel helpless, we can make a difference. Each little baby step towards a 'greener' world makes a difference.

2) Name 2 eco-UNfriendly items you refuse to give up?

My computer - I know it uses electricity, it has plastic, etc... BUT I use it to gain knowledge, to communicate with so many people and I really do like it very much!!!

My Car - I use it a lot less and as a family, we only have one vehicle now BUT I find it a necessary evil at this point in our lives.

I would like to say that these are not the ONLY eco-unfriendly things in my life, I am far from perfect, honestly I have just started this journey to ecofriendly living BUT these were two biggies!

3) Are you at peace with or do you feel guilty about number 2?

I have learned to find peace, I think finding peace with choices that you make is very important, even if you plan to change them eventually. For me guilt does not make a difference with anything, except eat at you inside -- not healthy! So if indeed I become feeling too guilty then I must change it!

So my justifications are this: my car we use a lot less and like I said have only one vehicle for our large family. I hope that eventually we will be even more self sufficient so that we will depend less on outside resources, using a vehicle even less! As for my computer ... the reality is that it works ... can I use it less, probably BUT I think that it is a very helpful resource for me and for my family!

4) What are you willing to change but feel unable to/stuck with/unsure how to go about it?

Our diets - we have changed to a mostly organic diet and try very hard to buy as local as possible BUT the bottom line is that it costs more ... so I have become very creative including growing our own food and getting chickens for eggs. I hope to eventually raise all our own meats or at least raise some and barter for others. But at this point I do not have all the resources to do this. Sometimes it is being bond by financial ability. I am trying really hard to break free from this though.

5) Do you know your carbon footprint for your home? If so, is it larger/smaller than your national average? (
I went and used this calculator and my over all carbon footprint is 14.263 which I am glad to see is below the national average. Our vehicle usage is a huge portion of this. I based that usage on our past two years and I am hoping that some of the changes that we have already made will reduce this quite a bit!

6) What's eco-frustrating and/or eco-fantastic about where you live?

We just moved to a new state so I am still learning. The things that I think are fantastic is that there are many choices that are close by for organic, local harvest. There is free recycling!!! I guess I would have to say the most frustrating is the fact that I am having to learn where things are and developing a new network! But it is not so bad!

7) Do you eat local/organic/vegetarian/forage/grow your own?

We try really hard to eat local and organic. We also have a garden and just bought chickens for eggs. I hope to also raise some chickens as meat birds in the spring and to expand our garden!

Our most recent change to our diets has been with water ... as anyone who reads my blog knows I have been having a huge dilemma with water lately. We recently purchased a under the sink water filter, Dan installed it last night and it was great to NOT have the yucky chlorine smell and awful taste! We refill glass jugs for the refrigerator and have bought stainless steel water bottles to take water with us!

8) What do you personally find the most challenging in being green?

The cost! As it has become a fad sometimes things that should be basic become more difficult to find and more costly. We are falsely led to believe that we need fancy things to make it work! I think in the beginning it was really learning a whole new way of shopping and looking at some of the things that I do every day. But with time it has become much simpler!

9) Do you have a green confession?

I am sure there are many. After having five children and expecting number six I am just barely switching to cloth diapers ... really the switch has not been so bad and I am sort of kicking myself for not changing earlier ... this would have been better for my children, environment and my pocket book!! But oh well, at least I am making changes now!

I really think that my computer is the biggest ... I have said it all before!

I am sure there are other things ... plastic ... I would really like to remove as much plastic from our house and lives as possible BUT my children have so much plastic and do I have the right to take it away from them? I can request and not get more though!

10) Do you have the support of family and/or friends?

It all depends on how you define this ... YES! My husband and children are great and we have really tackled a lot of challenges as a family. I get a lot of harassment from my family and friends and I try not to be to preachy but if it is important enough for me to change then I think it is just a part of me and they will have to except it or I guess not! Actually I have seen lots of changes with many family and friends ... to all of my friends and family I have two word for you ... PAPER TOWELS (you do NOT need them)!!!

So what do you have to say about going green? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. I really do not who to tag so I am just leaving this open hoping that others with join in the fun. Be honest and remember NO GUILT - we are all doing what we can, hopefully!

So now it is your turn ... here are the guidelines:

1) Link to Green Meme Bloggers. (use image if you like)
2) Link back to whoever tagged you. (I tagged myself!)
3) Include meme number
4) Include these guidelines in your post
5) Answer questions
6) Tag 3 other green bloggers.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Magical Saturday!

We are hoping for a most wonderful day. A trip to the bookstore, which is much loved by the whole family. This has been a huge bonus to moving to a new city ... there are several second hand bookstores that are just magnificent!

This afternoon, dearest hubby Dan is going to install our new water filter ... YEAH!! I am so excited. If you would like to know more about my Water Dilemma, you can read about it here. We finally chose to buy this filter ... Triple Cartridge Undersink Fluoride Filter. I will update you on how easy it was to install and how wonderful my water is!!!!!

I have several stainless steel sippy cups and water bottles so that we can bring our own water with us everywhere BUT I can not find a completely stainless steel travel coffee mug ... so please help!

In search of somewhere to get a ALL stainless steel travel coffee mug????
No plastic, no rubber!!!!!

Then we hope to do some cooking, head over to Five Flower Mom's Recipes to see the really fun Halloween Treats that we are going to try!

So off I go to get our magical day started. I hope you too have a MOST MAGICAL day!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Strange Reoccurring Dream of Babies Arrival

I am no stranger to pregnancy -- here I am smack dab in the middle of my seventh one and all is well. I frequently hear stories of moms who have vivid dreams of their child's birth, some with fear, some with joy and some with strange outcomes such as a litter of puppies!!! I do believe that anxiety and anticipation can do wonders on the mind and deep in midst of sleep these visions become twisted and develop into these dreams!

I have NEVER had dreams of my births. I have had many worries and anticipations but never had a actually dreamed of the actual birth ... until a couple weeks ago and then again the other night!

Let me first say that I am NOT a big dreamer (at least not while I am sleeping). My husband and children spend hours at the breakfast table talking about vivid technicolor dreams and I can usually sum up mine in just a few words, IF I can even remember them! But a few weeks ago I woke up with a very vivid memory of my dream. It was something like this:
I was at the house with my children as normal, when labor started ... it was quick and easy and before I knew it I had a precious baby girl lying next to me. But I kept telling my midwife that it was just too early, it was only 23 weeks. She said, "well, the baby is big enough and healthy enough so you must be wrong about your dates." I remember thinking that this was very odd because I am absolutely sure about my dates but oh well. So life when on and we had a baby girl at 23 weeks.
When I woke up I remember thinking this was really strange but did not think much of it! I think I did tell Dan but thought it was just funny! So ... then the other day I had almost the same dream, except that my midwife was not here it was just my children and I and again, it was 23 weeks ... I kept saying this over and over. Again I woke up and remember it very vividly!

HHHUUMMM ... so why the dreams and what is up with this twenty-three week thing? So I am officially in my twenty third week and just want to get through as normal. I feel great and have no reason to believe that all is not well BUT I just wonder why this number, what is it that makes it stick out?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Quick Update On A Bunch of 'Stuff'

As I seem to not have time to complete a whole post and I really want to get something out there, I am doing a quick update! Please check back I will add more exciting stuff soon. Thanks for visiting.

Cloth Diapers
- Okay so it has been almost two weeks and it is going great!! I actually have lots to say about this process but no time at the moment. But it is coming soon ... all the details! Please note that I have added a little sidebar of cloth diapering resources, if any of you have additional resources that I can add that would be great.

Poison Ivy - The itching has stopped and the rash is going away. We are all catching up on sleep and all is well. Thank you to everyone who sent best wishes and ideas. I think we tried them all!!!

Drinking Water Dilemma - This is still on my mind, we ordered a filter (which is suppose to be delivered today) and so I am trying to do my part BUT it seems that I keep running into new things that just are weighing on my mind. Does anyone else feel frustrated that we (public water) pay for our water just to have disease causing chemicals added to it? I am working on another post about this because I just feel like it needs to stop. Some of the studies I have been reading are just amazing ... more to come soon!

A Visitor - I am picking up a visitor today at the airport. A dear friend of our family is coming to stay for two weeks and we are so excited! So just a warning we may be out playing and having fun, please forgive me and I will try to keep up with my blogging world!

A Sneak Peek - Here are a few posts (other than above) that I am working on, so please stay tuned.
  • Our Chickens
  • Children, Chores and Allowances
  • The Strange Reoccurring Dream of Babies Arrival
  • Halloween Costume Updates
  • Some Homeschooling Thoughts
  • My Knitting Project
  • A Couple of Guest Writers - my daughters!
And as always I will try to keep posting Wordless Wednesday and other pictures I think are fun! Thank you to everyone who has and will stop by, I love all your support and comments.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

"I am not listening!"
It starts at such a young age!

Just a little stinker face!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Magic of Kindness - Good Mail!

It was recently brought to my attention that others in this crazy world like to get 'good mail' too! You may say "What is good mail?" That is when you go to the mail box and there is a little unexpected note card or postcard or something other than the ordinary bill and advertising, that brings a smile and nice feeling to you! Kind of like a friendly hug from far away!!!

Mamarazzi over at Dandelion Wishes has started a little 'Good Mail' Club and I have decided to join.

Today I put my first piece of good mail into the mail box to be sent and you know what? It was almost as good a feeling as getting something myself. I am so excited! I am sending a little something out of kindness, just for the heck of it, to someone that I do not even know, in hopes of making their day a little better.

So who would like to join in ... leave me a little comment with your email address and I will add you to the Good Mail list.

"Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how." ~Author Unknown

"How beautiful a day can be When kindness touches it!" ~George Elliston

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves." ~James M. Barrie

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." ~HH The Dalai Lama

So to all of you this Monday morning (or whenever you read this) here is a smile to you and a hope that your day is magical and touched with kindness!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Garden Fresh

I am moving this post, as I feel it was lost yesterday under Mommy Guilt ... and I had more to add from last night! And I just do not have time to do something new this morning!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mommy Guilt

Please bear with me here ... I think I just need to vent this all out to feel a little better about it, and heck what is a blog for but to let it all out and find some peace and maybe someone else who shares my craziness!!!! It is like THERAPY!!!

If you have been checking in this week you will have read that Jacob has Poison Ivy and that the itching seems to be more intense through the night. So each night he has gone to bed at our normal 9:30pm covered with herb salve and then been up again around 12:30am itchy and cranky so we cover him again and usually read some from Shel Silverstein's, (twisted poetry book) Where The Sidewalk Ends (but that is another post). Taking close to an hour to get back to sleep and then REPEAT again around 3:30am and then up with Sam usually around 6ish.

Well, by Wednesday night I was exhausted, I just wanted to sleep a full night (not that I ever really sleep all night but without these hour long reading sessions each night). So as we were getting ready for bed I told Jacob that if he was able to make it all night without itching that I would take him to the co-op the next day for a treat! Seemed harmless at the moment, seemed like a really good plan to get a nights sleep. We would all be happy, I with my sleep and he with his treat.

At about 1:30am I could hear him rolling around and itching but he never said anything to me like the other nights. So I asked him if he wanted to go put some salve on and he said "yes". So as usual we headed out to the living room and I covered his legs and and scooted back into bed without saying too much. I was close behind BUT had to stop and wash my hands ... Jacob came back out and said "Do I still get me treat?"

Okay, this is when my mommy guilt kicked in and I had an awful nights sleep for the remainder of the night! What have I done... I want my children to be able to express their feeling and be open and feel comfortable to be who they are ... and here with one little bribe I had taken his pain and frustration of this awful poison ivy and sold it away for a silly little treat from the co-op and why? Just because I wanted to get a good nights sleep. What makes me think that as the parent of six children I will ever get a good nights sleep again!

Alright, so I have confessed ... and by the way last night I told Jacob that if he needed anything at all that he could wake me and guess what? He slept all night with NO ITCHING!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

IT ITCHES - A Poison Ivy Story!!!

HELP! Does anyone have a cure for the itchy poison ivy???????

Jacob seems to want to be the first, the first to get stung by a yellow jacket and now the first to get poison ivy! When we moved into our house the owners told us that there was poison ivy on the property so we looked it up and showed the kids so that they could identify it. The kids have been very nervous about it around the house so they tend to wear pants, socks and shoes when they go outside -- good habits!

So on Friday Jacob was out working on the chicken coop with his dad and came in saying: "I itch"! Assuming that the bugs were out I said: "Let's get in the shower." This usually works well for the itches after working outside. I never thought of poison ivy because I had not seen any near the where they were working.

As he stripped down I could see that he had several blistery spots on his legs, they were a little oozy and seemed to itch like crazy. My first thought was poison ivy BUT as I have never seen it before I called to Dan to come look and he indeed confirmed (as he has had lots of experience with it) that it was POISON IVY!!!

Jacob wants to know how this happened, me too as we have been very careful around the house!

Then Dan says: Remember at dance class Tuesday night? You were playing out by that tree and I said, that looks like poison ivy?"

Well there you have it! I guess it was!

A quick rinse off shower and lots of itching so we head down to the co-op to get something to help -- there I am faced with a shelf of many different things, I ask the lady working which she thinks is best, I end up buying three different things: a wash, a homeopathic oral tab and a ointment! We will kick this.

So, here we are and it is Wednesday and we have had many days of itching, it seems much more controllable during the day but it seems that between 1:00am and 4:00am the itching is so intense that none of us can sleep!

So if any of you out there have a treatment, cure, etc... I would love to hear it! Unless it is scrubbing your whole body with a scrub brush and bleach (which I found on the web) that just seems to cruel! Oh and I am not a big fan of chemicals!!! So send a long those natural, at home remedies ... you know the ones that have been around forever and really work!!! And maybe a story for Jacob of your poison ivy experience ... sometime he finds a good laugh can get his mind off the itching!

Thanks a million!