Friday, September 26, 2008

Running Scared

I (apparently) am having some sort of parenting 'mid-life' crisis. All of a sudden my children are aging and I am just not sure where the time has gone or who the heck these people are or if I know how to be a parent to them.

I have always felt quite qualified to be the parent. As infants I loved holding, rocking, and cuddling them and knew their basic needs, etc... Then as they grew I was okay with toddlers and preschoolers ... I taught preschool for nine years at an accredited licensed child care facility (sounds impressive, huh?), their needs seemed quite basic and I love to play so this was all good.

Now all of a sudden I keep seeing these pictures of my older children and think "Oh my, where are my little children?" Then all these crazy thoughts scamper through my head ... do I know how to help these gals become upstanding community members? What qualifies me to parent these gals? And I feel myself running scared.

I guess the good news is that they are wonderful children, so maybe I am doing something right (see how I took complete credit for this, when actually Dan is also a great parent). I also am parenting from my heart and my head ... I do listen to instinct but also am an information hound and look for opinions on everything (does not mean I like them or agree with them, but I do listen).

So go ahead and send along our parenting opinions for teens and preteens, I will listen and love to read about what works and doesn't for others. Then I will continue to go along and do the very best that I can. Oh and maybe stop taking pictures of them so that I can just live in my delusional world of little children!


HeatherPride said...

Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by the Short Bus and it's nice to meet you!

I honestly can't wait until my little guy grows up a little bit - he is a very challenging child! I hope he mellows with age! Then again, sometimes it scares me to think what the teen years will do to his personality if he doesn't mellow!

angie said...

Will you send the advice on to me?

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Oh! They are so beautiful! And I can most certainly understand where you're coming from. I also go through that as well, wondering when they grew up and how I didn't see it?

Thank you for your kind words. I really needed them today!

Daphne @ Greener Biener said...

The girls are beautiful, AND they are staying still and smiling at you, all good signs. My teen experience is limited to the nightmare that I was, but it looks to me like you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

ThisGrandma said...

I almost feel obligated to come up with those Words of Wisdom from the Elderly.
But instead, I find myself in sympathy with your current status. Parenting the younger ones is easier as you prevent premature death and injury from falls, cuts, HOT things....and teach basics while negotiating and mediating sharing and arguments.
But when they get their own hormones going, their own opinions and views establishing - controlling that is out the window. And I think that is the good news - they are at the time of testing and trial and finding their own person. Not a carbon copy of Mom and Dad.
Yes, they are great girls and will be fine adults. My kids at those ages were also great kids. It is a little easier that you home school and know more about what actually happens in their day. When they go away to school, a lot happens that parents have no clue about and may NEVER hear about - but that can also be good as they learn to stand up alone, be responsible and have confidence in themselves.
Have Confidence in yourself - and trust them some more too. That is the challenge.

Tricia said...

Parenting older kids...yup, you've got the right scared, oh yea, and drink a lot.

Seriously, though, older kids are so, so much fun. I'm not lying. You get to see the fruits of your labor and love for all the years of investment. It was the infant years that scared the heck out of me, the older years are challenging in different ways, but they're really amazing.