Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Monkey Octopus & My Happy Little Guy

My Little Monkey Octopus a.k.a. Sam!

I would like to say that I love being a mom and cherish every moment with my children but boy can it be ex
hausting. Sam has entered a great phase of exploration but really has no fear. He loves to climb ... everything. He he also very speedy and can go from the couch to the middle of the table to the chair to the coffee table in seconds. The last few days I feel like I have done nothing but take him down from some place he is not suppose to be. As a parent I believe that children should have an environment that the can safely explore and enjoying without continually being told "NO"! But at this point without an empty padded room I am just not sure if this is possible. We have barriers, gates and closed doors. We removed several furniture pieces and keep others on the table or behind closed doors unless being used. But all this constant rearranging is tiring and leaves little time for anything else! Oh yeah and then there is the Octopus ... when Sam is not climbing way above ground level (and even when he is) he is grabbing things from everywhere. It really has become a game for him. His snickery little smile and joyful screeches tells all!

My Happy Little Guy a.k.a. Rick

Every morning I get up a little earlier then the children, this is my time to use the computer, etc... then sometime in the morning I hear the big flip flop of bare feet and then I see the cute smiling face of Rick and his happy little "good morning". He is always ready for a cuddle, complete with hugs and kisses and a little chat about "how we slept". It is such a pleasure and something that I look forward to each and every morning. Earlier this week Rick was not feeling the best and when he came out in the morning he was much quieter and had no smiley face for me ... a very good sign that all is NOT well! Indeed Rick had a slight fever and just was not feeling great. This morning, I as nursing Sam and suddenly I heard the big flopping footsteps and before I could even see his smiley face I knew he was feeling better and indeed he was!

PS. Thank you to my friend, Kim over at Viegas Photo for these great pictures of my children!

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Tricia said...

For children who have no fear, I vote for duct tape and Velcro (just kidding, kind of).

Glad to hear that Rick is feeling better. I also love those morning moments...the early ones before anyone else is up, and the later ones when my little guy comes bounding into my office and wants to snuggle. There's just nothing quite like it.