Thursday, September 11, 2008

Musical Beds

I know that co-sleeping does not work for everyone but it has always worked well for us. Our co-sleeping arrangements vary depending on where we are which is why we have named it "Musical Beds"!!

At home we have several queen size beds and we may have a couple in one room to accommodate lots of sleepers. Recently we were given a king size bed which opened up my sleeping space by 17 inches -YEAH!!!

With our new digs at the hotel we have one king size bed, a fold out couch and lots of floor space! Here is an early morning snap shot -- now when we went to bed Dan, Sam and I were on the bed ... Rick on his 'cushions from the couch' bed and Jacob with the girls on their big blanket bed on the floor. Grandma had the pull out couch, which she offered to share but had no takers!

Look close ... you can see Dan (who has his usual two inch strip on the edge), Rick and Sam who seemed to be spread out with lots of room and Jacob cozily in at the bottom. Oh yes and lets not forget the two cats!!!! I had taken the 'cushions from the couch' bed on the floor and the girls and a kitty were still on their blanket bed!

Some nights musical beds can be tiring. Here at the hotel each night has brought the trial of a new configuration. I do look forward to getting into our house and unloading our beds so that we all have space to sleep!


Tricia said...

I think the cat has more room than Dan!

Jen said...

LOL at the picture!!