Monday, September 15, 2008

Heart Attack Moment

So here is Sam sitting nicely in his high chair! I wish I had a picture of my heart attack moment but that would have been crossing the line from distracted parent to bad parent!

This was the exact scene the other day, Sam was nicely eating his lunch BUCKLED into his high chair. In anticipation of him finishing soon, I scooted into the bathroom to grab a washcloth ... when I came back in the room (I am talking only seconds) he was STANDING on his tray.

As I had a heart attack and lunged to grab him before he crashed to the floor from the top of his HIGH chair, he held out his hand offering me a bite of his sandwich and a big happy smile!

Oh my, I love my children and I really dislike the hospital, we may need padded floors and walls in our new house!

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Tricia said...

Can you believe parents even make it through the toddler years!