Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Grandparents & Thank You!

The other day my dear friend over at Shout Daily posted about her Grandmother. It is a lovely post, please skip over and read it, just click here!

It got me to thinking about just how important these wonderful people are in our lives and how lucky my family is to have so many grandparents. My children not only know all their biological grandparents but also have several great grandparents and step (for lack of a better word) grandparents. These wonderful folks are very loved and we truly are blessed!

I would like to take this moment though to thank two very special grandparents who have been such a great help in the last couple weeks!

Dan's mom aka Grandma who had planned a vacation visit to Vermont which turned into a moving to Knoxville, TN adventure. Thanks for being an extra set of hands, being understanding about our chaos and taking lots of wonderful pictures to document our trip!

And to my mom aka Grammy who is always just a phone call away. Thanks for not getting me lost and just being available to chat whenever I needed it! I am sure that you will never know how much this all means to me!

Grandparents are really special people and I am so thankful to have so many in our lives. We should all take the time to think about them, thank them, listen to them, hug them and send love to them more than we already do!


Tricia said...

Grandparents can play such an important and loving role. My little guy "only" has my parents. My husband's parents passed away long ago. I've been so pleased that even though there are 1200 miles between my son and his WaWa and Brampa, he is still developing a warm and loving relationship with them and they've become an important part of his life.

ThisGrandma said...

ThisGrandma feels lucky to have been present for the big adventure of the move - and to see where you all are now.
What a challenge - but I believe there was a lot of thoughtful emotional preparation in the family about what was to come and that made a big difference. A huge chore like this can be so much more stressful if we get hung up in the small details (how we pack the dishes, what goes in front of the truck vs. in back) and lose the big picture of adventure.
Grammy in VT was invaluable during the trip - getting on the web to get us information and reservations, etc. I've been thinking about my Grandparents lately - and hope to be able to spend time with the younger ones acquainting them with their heritage.