Friday, September 12, 2008

Do You Know Where The Hospital Is?

Okay Tricia, let's hear it ... "I TOLD YOU SO!"

For weeks my dear friend has been telling me, "When you get to Knoxville, find out where the hospital is, you will want to know."

So here is our story ... last Thursday (we had been here a week) we were scooting around the hotel room, tidying up from breakfast and planning to go for a swim ... Grandma had left that morning and Dan was at work so I guess I was procrastinating bringing all five children to the pool alone!

I was getting dressed in the bathroom when I heard a terrible sound from the living area, remember we are in the hotel so this is less than ten feet away. Rick was just crying like crazy, not the normal "I crashed cry" but more of "I am really in pain cry". I asked "What happened?" and a course of all the children said "we don't know." As I made my way to Rick who was just lying and crying on the carpeted floor I could not really figure out what had happened.

So for a minute I focused on settling Rick down, I know that things have been busy and life as my little two year old knows it has been shoved into a UHaul and parked in the parking lot of a hotel in a new city, so I guess I have been anticipating a few melt downs and over reactions BUT I just could not get past the fact that his big cries were so painful. Once he stopped crying and was just nestled in my lap I started questioning everyone about what had happened ... there were no toys around. Apparently to the best of our knowledge he was running to the couch and fell on the floor.

So I started the typical mommy routine ... "Does this hurt?, How about this? Does it hurt here?" I really could not find anything that hurt so Rick decided to get up BUT when he stood he quickly collapsed into a ball of tears on my lap ... he said his foot hurt. I did the typical mommy routine again. Again nothing. Rick said he wanted a bandaid (the cure all for a two year old) and he wanted it on his ankle. Okay, lets give it a few minutes and see what happens. So we set Rick on the couch and continued to get ready for the pool, thinking this would be so much fun he would forget about his hurt!

As we were getting ready Rick still was out of sorts, so I started thinking ... maybe he should be looked at, but where and by who? So I tried to call Dan (who was at work, in orientation), his cell phone was off and I had no numbers for the new plant! So I called my dear friend who let me chat it all out and offered an address to the closest Children's hospital. So as I hung up the phone I am trying to decide what to do ... do I just go to the hospital, alone with five children or do I wait and see how it feel later?

At this point Rick decided he really wanted to go swimming and all the other kids were sitting here in their suits, so we headed to the pool. I carried Rick and the older kids helped with Sam and all our stuff! I warned the children that if it was not going well then we would not stay long. Everyone agreed to be helpful! So we went to the pool ... Rick was not happy! It hurt to kick, so he just was not having fun. So after a shorter than wanted swim, everyone was really great and helped bring everything back to our room.

At this point I decided that he needed to be looked at but that it was not critical at that moment so I would load everyone in the car and drive to Dan's work, we would be about 45 minutes early but he should be able to leave early for a hospital trip! When we arrived at Dan's work all the children were asleep so I decided that I would let them rest and then I could talk to Dan. For some reason I thought he would have all the answers.

So Dan came out and I explained everything to him and he said "lets wait, he may be okay after some rest". So we headed back to the hotel. When we got there and we all piled back into our room. Rick was still quite unhappy and still not walking at all and seemed quite uncomfortable. So Dan started doing his assessment, you know the same one I have already done five times ... "Does this hurt?, How about this? Does it hurt here?" and he too could find nothing! So finally Dan says "maybe we should bring him in for an xray."

Okay so by now it is 7:30pm and the kids are tired and I have no idea how long the ER will take so I decided that I would stay home and let Dan take him (a very hard decision for a control freak like me). Our oldest daughter Caitlyn decided to go along to be the communication hub (any excuse to use the cell phone and stay up late).

As this has become quite long ... I will try to wrap it up ... Caitlyn called for the final time at 11ish and said they were heading home -- after two trips to x-ray, they were unable to find a break but had determined that it was more in his shine than his ankle. The final outcome is that he bruised it badly and he should just do what he can and let it heal!

So here we are a week later, I spoke with an Assistant at the Pediatric Orthopedics this morning and they said that I am doing all I can. On Sunday, Rick finally started walking some and now he is walking but with quite a limp and slowly. Swimming has gotten easier - YEAH! And Rick has figured out how to crawl, roll and limp to where he wants to be. Children can be so tough, it really is amazing!


Original GRITS said... horrible for the poor little guy. I know you felt lost, a strange city with no one to call. *Hugs*

Pamela Jeanne said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Appreciate your support and perspective! Best, Pamela

Tricia said...

I promise I'll not say, "I told you so" I'm just relieved Rick is walking again and there aren't any broken bones. Poor little guy. You handled your first kid-emergency in your new city quite well!!!

Homesteader's Wife said...

:( Glad you made it through it ok, and that Rick is going to be better! Hopefully his little 2 year old world will be better soon when you can get in the new house!