Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PS Truck Hero

My son thinks that the "PS Truck" (UPS truck to all of us) is the most wonderful person in the world. Despite the fact that I actually ordered the contents of the box and PAID for them, the "PS Truck" gets hailed with all the glory of delivering the package!

I ordered my little guys some new sippy cups Thermos Foogo's, these are stainless steel and BPA free plastic. They are also insulated to keep things cold for up to six hours. Yesterday they arrived and Rick could not stop raving about how wonderful the "PS Truck was to bring me new sippy cups." I tried to explain that mommy had ordered them but the answer was always the same "the PS Truck brought them to me."

Oh well, why argue!


Tricia said...

Oh God! Now we have to compete with Santa and UPS?

Hey, how did my banner get on the top of your blog? It freaks me out a little to click onto someone else's blog and see my face...makes me spit coffee out my nose and all sorts of funny stuff. Thanks!

Wendy said...

Ha! Another reason to avoid buying anything online. lol. You could totally use the PS Truck for bribery now. As in, "The PS Truck will know if you're being naughty and won't eeevvveeerrr bring you anything again."

Jennifer said...

Oh how funny!! I like Wendy's spin on it though.