Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Big Move ... Knoxville, TN here we come!

A few weeks ago I had posted that Dan's job had been transfered and we would be moving to Knoxville, Tennessee ...

Then the post disappeared ...

Well, because I removed it, NOT because we are not moving but because Dan got a call from the 'big wigs' at work and said, "could you ask your wife to remove the post on her blog until the sale is final"

WOOPS!! I guess my excitement had gotten the best of me!

So, now the news is official, you can find it all over the web ... at the GMCR Web Site, Yahoo Finance and I am sure other places that I have not even heard of so I am thinking it is okay for little ole me to talk about it here! Actually, I know nothing about the new facility or coffee roasting, all I know is that my family is making the biggest move ever and we are excited!

I am a true believer that things happen for a reason ... I have been known to give advice like: "what is meant to happen, will happen", "just give it time" and things like that. When life turns upside down and it looks like doom and gloom, it can be difficult to keep this attitude but I try!

For the past year our life has been on a roller coaster, but as a result of all the seemingly negative things that have happened there has been many,many positive things that have come into our lives (this is another post,for another day) and now we are feeling like things have taken a turn for the best!

We have been talking for years about moving ... but where? We have explored many places and always came up with the same result ... leaving our source of income and paying to actually move was just too much of a risk and even though we really wanted to explore something new, we just could not risk so much with our family!

Many months ago I started corresponding with a very kind lady who I met on a yahoo group. I have never been one to 'chat' or 'IM' and that jazz but she was very kind and seemed to share many of the same values and goals as I have. She was in Tennessee and I in Vermont so really our chats were just a lot of hypothetical chit chat! Then my husbands company announced that they were looking at expanding to the southeast, Knoxville, Tennessee, non the less!

Coincidence after coincidence and here we are making a move that we feel really good about. My family who is all here in Vermont is not very thrilled but we really feel like this is an adventure that we have to take and hope for the best!


Tricia said...

Congratulations! This is thrilling for so many reasons, and when the stars align, you simply have to follow their path. The biggest things in life that we end up regretting are most often the things we didn't do. I'm so glad you have this opportunity, and I'm sure you're family will miss you terrible (and you them). It's most difficult for the ones we leave behind, but there does come a time when we have to spread our wings and fly in order to see which direction the wind will take us.

ThisGrandma said...

Tricia (THE WISE WOMAN) always says it first and best. Something like this happened in my life - a series of sadly closed doors leading to exciting opened doors - that ended up with my leaving the US to work in Mexico for 4 years. That was certainly an amazing adventure and a defining time in my life. But first you have to say "YES!!".

Susan said...

Wow, I'm SOOOO jealous!! My husband works for GMCR also, and we are wishing and hoping for an opportunity to transfer to Knoxville too. It's so much cheaper there, and homeschooling can't be any more "difficult", as far as the rules go, not to mention WARMER!! They even have a zoo!! (I've been doing a lot of research on the area in preparation, just in case, LOL). Maybe someday we'll be there nearby you again, wouldn't that be a hoot?