Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On The Road

We are officially on the road, or at least I hope so ... I am getting this ready to post while we are traveling, so I can only assume that we are actually on the road.

If all has gone according to our plan we left yesterday to move 1000 miles from the place I have called home since the day I was born to some place I have never even visited. You can read more about our Big Move but the bottom line is we are leaving Vermont for Knoxville, Tennessee. Dan's job was transfered and we are very excited for this opportunity to move to warmer climate and see what a new place has to offer.

So please wish us luck and hopefully our computer will be up and running soon!


Tricia said...

Yahooooo. 1,000 miles away from home means you're less than 200 miles away from me.

Safe travels!!

Jennifer said...

I'm grossly late on this. Hope you're there safe and sound!