Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fancy High Tech Signature

I learned something new ... giving truth to the fact that apparently you "CAN teach an old dog new tricks" I am not sure that it is really high tech but it is fun. I now have a signature on my posts and it automatically is inserted -- YEAH!

I really can not take the credit for this. The other day I was over at I Wasn't Born A Soccer Mom and she had just learned how to do this also and had a link! By the way nice signature Anji! Apparently she had seen how to do signatures over at Sasha Says. So I scooted right over there, where she has step by step instructions using this website: My Live Signatures. If you are interested go check it out ... it is easy, I DID IT!!!! Or at least I think I did, we will see when I post this if it actually works!

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