Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sometimes Parenting is GREAT!

Conversation with my ten year old:

Ally: "Mom, I think I really like the new rules for the Wii"
Mom (in her very surprised voice) "You do, really? Why?"
Ally: "Because now that we are not playing it as much, I noticed we were playing it a LOT!"
Mom: (trying to be cool but inside jumping around for joy)"I am very glad you realized that."

So let me rewind a little ... yes my children have a Wii, not because I like it but because Santa has a mind of his own! In general we are flexible about their use, we home school and all of their work needed to be done and they HAD to have outside time but then if they wanted to play on the Wii than they could! Well, with three children wanting to play it was starting to get more and more Wii time and the bickering about fairness started to arise! I was tired of having to think every time someone asked me "can I play on the Wii?" ... who has had the most time, who played last, etc... I could also see that the kids were getting 'scared' to ask, they would change their tone of voice and get all sheepish! I knew something had to change!

So, a few weeks ago at dinner we had a planning time for the Wii. We decided that three days per week each child would get one hour of play time. Ally was quite concerned about this new plan and had lots of questions:

"What if she was at a friends house on Wii day, could she have it another day?"
"Does watching someone else play count as your time also?"
"What if I am in the middle of a mission when my time is up?"
"What if a friend is over and it is NOT a Wii day?"
"Do I still have to do my school work first?"

We were able to work out all the details and I am very glad to announce that our new plan is working wonderfully! The kids get their time and I am not stressed about how much time they are playing on the Wii, fairness and all that jazz! Matter-a-fact yesterday I had to remind them that it was a Wii day! I love it when things work out for everyone!


Jennifer said...

Way to go mom!!!

I Wasn't Born a Soccer Mom said...

Love it when they "get it"! Great plan for the WII!!

Polina said...

Oh, you do have very well brought-up kids! I can't restrict the time of watching TV without a struggle, if I try to insist on restrictions, she tries to turn it into a bargain (if I see less movies, then I would love to...". I am afraid of imagining what it develop into when she will be 15...:(

Tricia said...

I love that the plan is working, but even more, I love all those well-thought out questions from your 10-year-old. She's a thinker!