Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Precious and DemandingTwo Year Old


Rick - my perfect, precious two year old.
Mom - not even close to perfect but trying to keep her head above water.

A typical conversation that makes me smile!

Rick (in a very demanding, frantic voice): "WHERE IS MY EXCAVATOR?"
Mom (not really paying attention): "I do not know"
Rick (becoming more frantic): "WHERE DID MY EXCAVATOR GO?"
Mom (in the middle of doing something): "I do not know, where did you put it?"
Rick (teetering on the edge of loosing it): "WHERE IS MY EXCAVATOR?"
Mom (realizing she needed to stop, look and listen or this would be a full melt down): "Did you look in the classroom?"
Rick (very happy from the classroom): "It is in the classroom!"
Mom (with a sigh of relief): "See, you did not need to get upset, you just need to look around."
Rick (after a moment pause to think): "Do I need to not get upset?"
Mom (thinking maybe this scene will not happen again, yeah right!):"Yeah, just look around next time"
Rick (as if full understanding of the whole scene just hit him): "OK"

And off he rides on his excavator! About five minutes later ...

Rick (In a very demanding, frantic voice): "WHERE IS MY T-BALL?"


Tricia said...

I have similar conversations, but the players are most often myself and my husband, especially when he's standing and gazing into the refrigerator or pantry.

Jennifer said...

LOL! Sounds like a day around here. I hear "where's my juice mama?" 1,000 times a day!! I usually end up saying, "I DON'T KNOW!! I DON'T DRINK IT!"