Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Allyson

This past weekend Aunt Sheila and Uncle Michael hosted a big birthday bash for Allyson. Funny thing is, Ally's birthday is in November!

This is the deal ... Allyson has wanted a birthday pool party for years and it seems that whenever we plan it something comes up. The first year (when she was turning five, maybe) we planned a pool party at a local indoor swimming park and the day before Ally became so sick with a high fever and strep throat, we tried to reschedule several times that year but the weather would not cooperate and so we just said forget it. Each year since there has been so much happening, the pool was closed for repairs, moving, weather, her friends were away, etc... etc... there just always seems to be something.

So Aunt Sheila and Uncle Michael so graciously decided that they would host a summer birthday party for Allyson at their house! This was the party to make up for all the years that we have 'tried'. Aunt Sheila and Allyson placed orders for supplies, put together an itinerary, and made all the plans. Meanwhile Uncle Michael came up with a BIG birthday surprise for Allyson, one that will make her remember this day for the rest of her life!

So the day came and everything was in order, Allyson had been waiting for weeks and I was so thankful that the weather had decided to be more beautiful than we could have ever planned for! I think the day went just as Allyson had hoped ... we arrived early to help set up, blow up balloons, and get ready. Her guests arrived and they spent the next six hours swimming, splashing, blowing bubbles, opening presents and eating lots of yummy food! Part two of party day, going out to dinner ... all of the friends loaded up to go eat dinner, then back to the house for the final BIG surprise!

Allyson had one last box to open, inside was a t-shirt from Phantom Fireworks ... Ally was not sure what it meant ... so Uncle Michael handed out a program for The Celebration of Allyson's Birthday, Firework Display and Aunt Sheila handed out blankets and we headed outside! It was a gorgeous night and Uncle Micheal had started a fire outside and had seating for everyone. As Uncle Michael cued the music and lit the first firework ... I looked over to see seven little faces staring in amazement. As the show went on there was lots of cheering, clapping, oohhs and aahhs, several times I heard one of Ally's friends say, "this is so cool!"

At the end of the show the kids were mingling closer to the fire and chatting about which ones they liked best, the 'loud bangers' or the 'ones that shower down like a weeping willow tree'. I had not seen Ally, so I scooted over to her blanket and found her sitting there kind of quiet, sensing something I asked her what was wrong and with a deep sob and the flow of tears she said "this is the best day of my life!"

Now, I know that she was exhausted after many hours of swimming but I think she also was just in a state of shock, she went on to say something about "this was all for me" and I assured her that she deserved every moment of it!

Thank you so much to Uncle Michael and Aunt Sheila for this wonderful day!


Daphne said...

Brilliant idea! My Jan born kiddo has always wanted a pool party (we did ice skating last year--close, right?) maybe we need to rethink the dates for her too.

T.T. said...

I wish I could have been there. Special days are a great way to let those we love know that they are special. You say "I love you all the time," but I am sure that when there are four other kids getting the same love and attention, it is nice for Allyson to be able to have this moment meant just for her.

Tricia said...

What a wonderful, beautiful birthday story. The fact that your aunt and uncle took the time and energy to make Ally feel so valued is something that will stay with her forever. I have goosebumps.

ThisGrandma said...

How wonderful !! What a great aunt and uncle !! Thank you !!
I think when kids are getting towards teen years, they need even more positive signs than the little ones - that they really DO belong in the family. Most kids go through times of feeling so different and 'alone' in their own families. Lucky Ally !!