Saturday, July 19, 2008

Built in Babysitter

There is a lot of buzz these days about using electronic (tv's, video games, computers) as built in babysitters. I do have to agree this is not a good idea, for so many reasons, but I will be honest there has been the occasional rainy day with five 'bored' children and I suggested they watch a movie! My question is does using the construction on the road count as 'bad parenting'!

For the past week our town has been replacing the water pipes along our road. From 7am until 4pm the road is strewn with excavators, bucket loaders, dump trucks, bobcats, earth compactors and men and women with hardhats, shovels and blueprints! During this time my boys, Jacob (age 7) and Rick (age 2) have not left the front porch. They have a pile of cars, some chairs and have been there playing and watching all week. They even have eaten lunch out there. Even little Sam (10 months) spends quite a bit of time at the window watching the construction.

Today I noticed that all the holes have been filled in and they are repaving the road, I have a tad bit of sadness ... for the past week I have had a built in babysitter, at least for the boys! They have not followed me around saying they were bored, I did not have to worry about where they were, I have just been using all this heavy equipment for my own personal babysitter! Does this make me a bad parent?

PS. The list of heavy equipment above "excavators, bucket loaders, dump trucks, bobcats, earth compactors" is what I have learned this week ... I call them all tractors BUT have been informed by my boys, numerous times throughout the week, that these are the proper names!


ThisGrandma said...

What a great week for the guys !! I'll bet they learned a lot watching the workers and machines. That wasn't babysitting - that was a classroom. I remember when we had workers in our front yard laying a sewer pipe or something. Unfortunately, my Mom was at work and one of the workers asked for lemonade. My sister Kathy and I were very kindhearted on that hot summer day - so we proceeded to use up a dozen (expensive!!) lemons to make it. We really got a 'talking to' when Mom got home !!!

Tricia said...

Everybody got to learn something. I also call all the pieces of heavy equipment, "tractors". My little guy can't stand the noise from heavy equipment, but if I gave him some ear plugs, I'm sure he'd have done the same thing, and I'd have enjoyed knowing he was having so much fun with a new babysitter for the week.