Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blogging - who has time?

Almost every night as I am falling asleep I think of all the things I want to write about ... but what I have realized is that I just do not have the time to write! I have been trying to figure out why it is seeming so complicated, I have really enjoyed writing and really the three or four readers that I have probably are not looking for real quality work (considering writing is NOT my specialty). So why the heck am I doing this?

I would like to say that it is because if I had enough people reading then I could have advertisements and have some extra money ... but I would first need to figure out all the ad thingys (technical term) and WOW that just seems like more time, which I do not have. Then I would have to be more consistent about writing and actually write something that is interesting enough that someone wants to read it! So this is NOT the reason I keep attempting to blog!

Then the big question, how do you get people to read your blog? I would think that the biggest draw would be really interesting stories, although I have been amazed at some of the blogs that I have visited that are NOT very interesting and have lots of comments! I guess everyone has a different opinion about what is interesting!

I also think that it is a large social network, you visit other blogs and comment and then they visit you and comment ... then maybe you are added to a favorites list somewhere out there ... then maybe mentioned in someone else's story ... I would have to say that this defies almost all the reasons that I love my computer so much, I have to be social!

Friendships or any relationship is a lot of work. Whether it is be a relationship with your spouse, children, neighbor or a group of strangers that you are sharing with ... there is a social aspect that I am not good at! And this is what I believe is stopping me from writing because it has become more about a social interaction then just jotting down a story that I think is fun, informative, etc... I made this realization right now as I was writing this! My solution: I am going to try to forget about the social 'stuff' and just write a little more! So be prepared for some entries that may seem random, and just not very exciting but right now this has to be about me and not any social group! Time is still an issue, with five children sometimes there just is not enough time in a day! So thanks for taking a little time from your day to visit my blog!


ThisGrandma said...

Amy, You have discovered an important truth: What brings us together as humans - whether it is family, or a stranger from a faraway land - what brings us together is OUR STORIES !! Not our opinions - which often drive us apart or into like-thinking separated groups. Telling our story puts our feet back on the ground and brings the listener/reader to our fireside. It is as old as humanity.
Tell your story, Amy !!

Tricia said...

I agree with you about being so surprised about the content people get excited about ... but what's important is that you keep writing, please. It should be for you and maybe even a history for your children. Story telling is such a wonderful way to connect, with yourself, with your family and that's what's really important and fulfilling!

Jennifer said...

I also agree about some "popular" blogs - they baffle me. Usually it's the "mean" blogs that really baffle me.

I've been blogging for a few years now, and I'm pretty sure most of my readers found me by accident. I do it for me, and only me. It helps me through hard times, gives me new perspective and heals my soul.

Keep going mama!