Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arugula Pesto

I have added a recipe for Arugula Pesto! We really like pesto and it is very easy to make and freezes very well! The funny story that goes with this recipe is as follows:

We participate in a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) and we had got a lot of this green leafy stuff that I was not sure what it was. Although I love to cook, I have never claimed to be an expert on food. I do love the internet because I can look up pictures and usually figure out what it is that we are going to eat. I also can find recipes and the best way to preserve these yummy foods.

So, I had several bunches of this green leafy stuff ... I did a little research and decided that I thought it might be arugula, so I found a recipe for pesto and made it! It came out great, the kids and I ate some and then froze the additional three pints.

Now here is the funny part ... the next day I went to the co-op and there was a big display of arugula, which looked nothing like the green leafy stuff that I had just used as arugula. HHHMM! So the next CSA day there was a newsletter that told what was in this weeks share and we determined that the mystery green leafy was called: Mizuna! Who knew!


Tricia said...

The pesto sounds wonderful, but what is Mizuna used for?

Amy said...

Why pesto, of course!!!

Taken from:

"Description: Elegant, deep green and saw-toothed leaves have a mild yet tangy flavor. This tender green leaf lettuce makes an excellent mix for salads and soups.

Serving Ideas: Mizuna is generally mixed with other lettuces to enhance the appearance, flavor, and nutritional value of salad.

The leaves can be added to soups, add the shredded leaves at the end of cooking; the heat of the broth will cook them sufficiently."

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Pesto now, anyways. ;)

I love that you are so creative with your cooking.