Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer CSA - YUM!

Thursday was our first pick up of the year from our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture). This year we moved so we are participating with a new farm, Maplehill Community Farm. We have been greatly anticipating the yummy fresh veggies. For the past few years we had participated with Wellspring Farm and we loved it, everyone there was wonderful.

It is our family ritual to pick up our shares and then go home and spread everything out on the table. We then identify (with use of the wonderful internet) anything we do not recognize. Think of what we want to do with everything ... while preparing it for storage. Sometimes bright orange carrots, crisp peas and beans and bright red cherry tomatoes never make it to storage ... with five children, these become snacks while we work! CSA night dinner usually consists of salad of wonderful fresh greens and whatever delicious veggies were in our share. Yum! Yum!

For eighteen weeks this is my favorite dinner night! It is easy and delicious! The rest of the week we munch on the remainder of our garden share, preparing some things for longer storage, and finding new and exciting recipes to try!

In addition, the weekly visit to the farm is so wonderful. Much to my children's pleasure, Maplehill Farm has two pigs we can pet, a whole lot of chickens and some cows. They are pleased to let us walk around and visit the animals, look at the gardens, etc... Each week we have some 'pick-your-own' flowers, veggies and herbs. And at last there are fresh eggs for sale!

For everyone who participates in a CSA, I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do and if you don't ... it is worth checking into your local CSA programs. Fresh, local veggies, supporting small farmers, and just a wonderful sense of community. I have much gratitude for the farmers, volunteers, and supporters of these programs ... they are so great! Actually it is my dream to some day have our own small CSA program but until then I am very thankful for everyone who shares!


Tricia said...

This sounds like so much fun and yummy. We apparently had a CSA somewhere that I may check out.

Tricia said...

...I mean HAVE a CSA, not HAD. Apparently FireFox isn't going to save me from my own typos. Can I upgrade my brain?

T.T. said...

I love the irony of going to the garden to provide for your family then looking on the internet to find out what you have collected. We can go as green and self-sufficient as possible, but thank God for computers.