Monday, June 23, 2008

Hanging Laundry Out To Dry!

My mother-in-law sent me an article, Airing his Laundry about Alexander Lee who has been advocating less dryer usage to help curb rising energy costs. Lee is the executive director of Project Laundry List, a nonprofit organization working to save energy and the environment by promoting clotheslines. I liked the above picture advertisement so much I thought I would share it!

I too believe in line drying. When we sold our house almost a year ago, our dryer went with it. We were very generously offered a dryer from family members but decided that we could do without. We are a family of seven and laundry is an ongoing task, but we decided that the trade off was worth it.
We could save energy, which inturn saves money, all for just a little effort.

Which brings me to the second reason I support line drying clothes. It is a respect for the things we do ... for me when things become too easy we over indulge ... when we had a dryer it was used a lot, wasting precious resources ... now we are more respectful of our usage. I also believe when you have a 'hands on' connection it builds more respect. So sometimes we have to plan ahead to make sure the things we want will be dry on time and sometimes, when the rain is pouring down, our house is decorated with laundry but most of the time we just have fresh line dried clothes at no cost to us or the environment!


ThisGrandma said...

Thanks Amy ! Love that picture ! In our 5 children family, it was the girls' (me and Aunt Kathy) job mainly to do the wash and hang it out. Many washings, many baskets, long lines in the yard - and when we ran out of line on a really good sunny day, we laid the flat things on the grass and they dried quite well. I did the ironing which was a bushel a week (each shirt rolled up) and they had to be STARCHED also !!! A procees too long for posting here !

T.T. said...

More people need to have your commitment to energy reduction. I heard a really interesting NPR story about a family in NY City (I think) who decided to live carbon-free for one year. They got rid of their washing macine, dryer and refridgerator. No electric lights. It was really interesting to see that it could be done, you just have to be willing to put up with the inconvenience--which really is what it is all about, convenience.

Eco-Friendly Solar Dryers said...

Ha ha, very nice! Yes it is all about convenience T.T. People are just becoming a bit too comfortable with the technology that surrounds them. This really affects our electricity bills and the planet. The effort that goes into hanging your washing out is not so big, but the rewards are. It doesn’t matter where you live there are always options for drying your laundry. Look at Breeze Dryer, for example, they have many options that will see your laundry easily dried without a tumble dryer. I use Breeze Dryer outside and inside to line dry my wet laundry. All their amazing line dry options can be found at, a great way to get excited about saving energy and helping the environment.