Thursday, June 26, 2008

Caitlyn's Photos

Well, it has taken me three days and lots of frustration but I have finally been able to add Caitlyn's slide show to my side bar. Caitlyn has been taking pictures for along time and recently she has enjoyed flowers. I thought these were beautiful. When she looked at it she thought it look like an advertisement, very professional, which makes her proud. I too am very proud of her!

I have always encouraged my children to take pictures. I have to say that I am very thankful for digital cameras ... otherwise I would have gone broke developing the five million photographs of things like the inside of someones nose, the corner of the rug and oh yes, I have a whole series of pictures of television shows! Just yesterday Rick and Jacob took 175 pictures, maybe one or two are worth keeping.

Sometimes when we are going through pictures on disks, everyone says why are you keeping these, they are blurry or of craziness ... well they were taken by my children and as they really are not taking up much space and they provide lots of funny entertainment when we look back on them! The picture itself may not mean much but often a memory is sparked and a story told!


Anonymous said...

My girls love having a camera around. They sometimes will just spend a day taking pictures. I am so glad for digital too!

Caitlyn's photos look great! I hope she continues to enjoy taking pictures.

Tricia said...

These photos are really gorgeous and I'm so glad you decided to post these instead of the inside the nose shots.

I think it's a great idea to keep the pictures your children take.

ThisGrandma said...

Well, ThisGrandma is impressed with Cait's photos !! Very excellent work, Caitlyn !! And the idea of a slide show is super - I found that if you click on it, you can view it almost full screen. Keep at it, Cait!! You have a great 'eye'.

T.T. said...

Keep it up Caitlyn! Beautiful.