Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Someday he will pay me for it …

I just had to take a picture of Jacob yesterday … we had promised the kids some fun so I announced we were going to go ride bikes and run around the Rec. field, one of their favorite activities these days! So I was scrambling around getting ready … shoes and socks for the two year old, diaper for the littlest guy, some water for everyone … Jacob announced he was ready and when I looked at him I was speechless … he had on his Ninja costume (full one-piece stretch jumper with a hood) from a couple years ago (so it is tight and now Capri length), his brown striped wool socks (knee high to cover the shortness of the costume), his lime green Shrek Hat (thanks Uncle Michael), and sandals.

My first thought is exactly what my mother would have said … “I am not taking you out of the house looking like that” but before I said anything out loud I stop to think … my next thought … “are you kidding me, it is the hottest day we have had this year and you are wearing an all black full body suit and wool socks.” Luckily I have become really good about not saying the first or even the second thing that comes into my head. Jacob is six years old and loves to explore ‘who he is’! This is exactly one of the biggest reasons why we have decided to home school and have one stay at home parent, so that our children can explore and be free to express themselves without the pressures and judgments!

So what I did say was … “hey, Jacob can I take a picture of you … you will pay me for it someday”, he looked at me like I was crazy and grab a sword to pose for a picture. We snapped a couple shots and headed to the Rec. field. He did have to trade the Shrek hat for his bicycle helmet but otherwise his outfit was perfect, for him. We had a great afternoon biking and running around the playground, I hope that he can continue to be himself!

PS. My two year old, Rick has been wearing his bicycle helmet for almost a week, all the time!! We take it off when he falls asleep at night and he puts it on as soon as he wakes up!


Tricia said...

Not only would I have had the same first thought, I would have said it out loud. I almost had to put myself in a straight jacket last week when my little guy was wearing orange socks with red shorts. I've enrolled him in fashion therapy four times a week. I'll let you know how it goes, and no, I'm not in anal retentive mother therapy. I've considered it, but really I prefer my madness.

Wicked Step Mom said...

The middle kids likes to wear a white skirt, black tights and a blue tanktop. It really does look horrible on her but, if it makes her happy... Atleast she isn't wearing the holey jeans that show her underpants anymore!