Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm not sure why I am doing this ...

I am really unsure of why I am doing this. Maybe because everyone else is ... that seems like a really lame reason to me but I guess because I think that it is fun to share stories and have been inspired by reading others blogs ... if I can inspire someone else in anyway then, that is why I am doing it! I will NOT claim to be a blogger or even to know the first thing about blogging ... I have read many (although compared to what is out there, probably only a small amount) and some are wonderful and some I just do not get.

So, here I am typing and I am not sure of what point I plan to make. I envision sharing stories and ideas of living with a big family. Sharing recipes and tricks of the trade when cooking, canning and storing food. Creative ideas for homeschooling children of many ages, abilities and interests. Living 'green' on a budget ... this is a 'project' for our family and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not! Oh and last but not least having fun -- I love being a mom and my children bring me much joy and many laughs I would love to share!

Come by often, as I am just getting started ... I would love to hear from you all and hope this is fun for everyone who stops by!


Tricia said...

Welcome to the blogsphere, Five Flower Mom. Even if you're unsure of how your blog will develop, think of what a great opportunity it will be to document some of the wonderful insanity five children bring to your life. And, when your teen starts to roll her eyes at you, tell her to be careful or you'll blog about her and then send the link to all her friends. Hey, the kids can't have all the tech power.

Tara said...

This is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself... frustrations, joys, and what does and doesn't work.

Whether you use this as a way to catalog the growth and development of your family, or just spew what's on your mind, I'm glad you've decided to do it!